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Blood group A diet

Diet for blood group A

This blood group evolved centuries ago (or rather in front of dozens of centuries). Population started to grow, and animals - food, decrease. Therefore, people with blood group A should follow a vegetarian diet, which is rich in plants.

Note! For people with blood group A, meat and poultry are simply not allowed if the weight loss is important to them.

The products recommended in diets of blood group A

Meat and Poultry

+ Vegetables, fruits, juices, vegetable products

Best Deal for people with blood group A would completely eliminate meat from your diet.

- Lamb, pheasant, bacon, veal, venison, goose, duck, rabbit, partridge, heart, ham, liver, pork, beef, ground beef


+ Cod, carp, salmon, mackerel, even monkfish, rainbow trout, sea trout, sardines, whitefish, pike, silver perch, snails, yellow perch fish should not be smoked.

- Barracuda, flounder, halibut, lobster, squid, caviar, crab, shrimp, smoked salmon, mussels, hake, mul, perch, oyster, octopus, crabs, anchovies, conch, catfish, herring, tuna, eel, turtles, frogs.

Eggs and dairy

+ Soy milk, soy cheese.

Indifferent kefir - curdled milk.

- Milk in any form, ice cream, butter, buttermilk, whey, cheese, brie, camembert, gouda cheese, cottage cheese.

Oils and fats

+ Cold-pressed oils including olive oil, linseed oil and soy.

- Cotton seed oil, corn oil, safflower oil, peanut oil, sesame oil.

Nuts and seeds

+ Peanut butter, peanuts, pumpkin seeds.

- Brazil nuts, cashews, pistachio.

Beans and other legumes

+ Red soybeans, beans aduke, azuki, black, pinto, green, pea "black eye", legumes red, green.

- Beans copper, navy, red, Kidney, tamarind.


+ Amaranth, buckwheat groats.

- Wheat germ, wheat bran, cereals familia, grape nut, seven grain, wheat starch, potato

Bread and toast

+ Essene bread, Ezekiel bread, bread, wheat germ, soy flour bread, rice cakes.

- English toast bread with wheat bran, bread, full-wheat, multigrain bread, bread and durum flour, bread flour Macs, high-protein bread, pumpernickel bread.

Grains and Pasta

+ Buckwheat, pasta with artichoke, soba noodles, rice flour, rye flour, oats.

- Semolina pasta, pasta with spinach, white flour, wheat flour filled.


+ Beetroot, broccoli, red onion, onion Spanish, yellow onion, pumpkin, radish, endive, eskalora, garlic, kohlrabi, cabbage headless, American artichoke, Jerusalem artichoke, okra, alfalfa sprouts, carrots, dandelion, parsnip, parsley, leek , turnip greens, romaine lettuce, spinach.

- Eggplant, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, red cabbage, shiitake mushrooms, black olives, Greek olives, Spanish olives, mushrooms, red peppers, green, yellow, jalapeno, tomatoes, potatoes, white, red, sweet


+ Pineapple, cranberries, blueberries, lemon, dried figs, fresh figs, grapefruit, cherry, blackberry, apricot, raisins, plums dark, red, dried, green, cranberry.

- Bananas, tangerines, mangoes, melons, coconuts, oranges, rhubarb

Juices and Drinks

+ Dark cherry juice, carrot juice, grape juice, apricot juice, celery juice, prune juice, pineapple juice, grapefruit juice, water (with lemon).

- Orange juice, tomato juice, papaya juice.


+ Garlic, ginger, molasses, miso, barley malt, soy sauce, tamari.

- Capers, vinegar Balm, white vinegar, apple vinegar, red wine vinegar, white pepper, black pepper, red pepper, wintergreen, gelatin.

Herbal Teas

+ Aloe vera, echinacea, hawthorn, St. John's wort, burdock, milk thistle, rose hips, chamomile, ginger, fenugreek, alfalfa, slippery elm, valerian, green tea, ginseng.

- Cayenne, red clover, kociomiętka, rhubarb, sorrel, corn stigmas.


+ Red wine, green tea, decaffeinated coffee.

- Coca-cola, decaffeinated black tea, black tea regularly, distilled liquors, sodas, beer, water Selzer, soda water.

Other spices

+ Mustard.

- Ketchup, mayonnaise, Worcestershire sauce.

A sample diet menu for blood group A


  • 1 glass of water with lemon juice,
  • 1 hard-boiled egg,
  • 2 slices of crispbread,
  • coffee or herbal tea


  • 1 slice of roasted turkey breast without fat,
  • Half cooked cauliflower,
  • green tea


  • 1 low-fat yogurt with fruit


  • cooked fish,
  • sauce with natural yoghurt, garlic and curry.

 Note! Successful weight loss people with blood group A = diet meatless.


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