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Treatment for flatulence

What is good for flatulence?

Spreading in the upper abdomen, colic, flatulence can be a symptom of problems with the pancreas, liver, stomach, intestines, or the result of poor diet.

Note! When such symptoms is needed diagnostics and change of diet. You need to eat regularly, avoid fatty meats and fried dishes. Excluded from the diet beans, peas, cooked cabbage, garlic, raw onions. are indicated baked or stewed apples.

People who like legumes can eat green beans, but for example lentils soak overnight, because in this way leaches substances causing bloating and then boil it.

We must also remember that the fruits of large kernels (plums, pears, mangoes) often cause bloating.

Therefore, between meals eat better fruits with small seeds (eg apples).

You also can not overload the digestive system too much meat, because it is digested them long, like cheese and canned fish.

Eat about 100 grams of meat a few times a week.

Choose lean poultry (chicken breast, turkey), veal. worth to like meat cooked by steaming.

Herbs for flatulence

With the help will come from fennel tea (after dinner). Dishes and sandwiches add fresh basil and marjoram prevent flatulence.

Wine with cumin

(removes flatulence and improves digestion)

Preparation: pour into a jar 1 bottle of dry white wine and 3 heaped tablespoons ground cumin seeds. You leave for 14 days, shaking frequently. Strain.

Drink after a meal.

Wine of fennel seed

(improves digestion)

Preparation: two tablespoons of ground fennel seeds throw into the pot, half a cup of boiling water. You cook for 3 minutes over low heat. Mix with 1 bottle of dry white wine. Putting down a few days.

Drink 1 glass after excessive eating and the stomach problems.

Wine pine

(supports metabolism and speeds up digestion)

Preparation: Very young shoots of pine (about 10 ounces) you cut into small particles and put into a jar. Pour 1 liter of white wine grape.

Drink 1 glass after the meal.

Tincture of juniper

(effective in disorders of the digestive system)

Preparation: cleaned and drained juniper berries (10 ounces) pour into a jar and pour 1 cup of alcohol (or vodka). Let stand for 1 week. Drain. Pour into a clean bottle.

Drink at a dilution of warm water, 3 times a day 25 drops.

Tincture of peppermint

(used during digestive disorders)

Preparation: Lake in the jar 10 ounces of dried peppermint leaves, half a liter of spirits 70%. Let stand for 10 days.

Accept the water after 15 drops. Keep sense not to overdose.

Tincture of walnuts

(indigestion, chronic gastroenteritis)

Preparation: washed and drained green walnuts (still soft), in quantities of 30 pieces, you cut to 8 particles and put into a jar. Pour 1 liter of vodka. You turn off. Putting down a month. Drain.

Accept before eating after 30 drops.

Tincture chamomile

(helps in disorders of the digestive tract)

Preparation: jar hopper 4 tablespoons dry chamomile flowers and pour 2 cups of alcohol. Put in a dark place for 2 weeks, often shaking the jar. Drain.

Take 25 drops to a small amount of hot water.

Walnut liqueur

(recommended in niedyspozycjach stomach)

Preparation: Cut 5 pieces still green, soft, fresh walnuts. Translates into a jar and
quenched with 2 cups of vodka. You leave for six weeks, shaking the jar often.


Separately, boil 2 cups of water with 20 grams of sugar. Cool down. You mix with alcoholic extract of the nuts. Let stand for 2 weeks.

Drink after a small glass during the incapacity of the stomach.


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