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Effects of a poor diet

Poor diet It is true that the radical weight-loss diets are fattening and cause disease. A serious mistake is starvation, such a diet usually lead to yo-yo effect. There are also a burden on the immune system.

Onion diet

A healthy onion diet For many people onion is a good remedy for flu and colds. As it turns out, onion helps in weight loss as well. Using diet onion, you can effectively lose weight.

Candida diet foods

Candidiasis diet This insidious disease. Candidiasis gives non-specific symptoms that are difficult to diagnose and even more difficult to cure. Fortunately, you can stop it using antifungal diet.

Easy food to digest

Easy to digest foods In recent years in particular have become popular healthy nutrition. As a primary factor in the proper metabolism are considered to supply the body with foods that are high in fiber.

Sources of lycopene

Healthy lycopene Often in the context of articles on healthy eating shows the name of lycopene, which is considered one of the strongest antioxidants. What exactly is lycopene and where can I find it?

Fevers in children

How to help your child with a fever? With fever in adults and adolescents you can easily cope thanks to tablets antipyretic, but in younger children is sometimes quite a challenge. There are a few ways that enable you to master the rising temperature.

Indigestion in pregnancy

Indigestion in women who are pregnantIndigestion can not be downplayed, but I do not need to immediately go to the doctor. However, there are situations in which the symptoms of indigestion should prompt us to visit. Speaking mainly about children and for pregnant women.

Laser treatment for cellulite

Laser for celluliteCellulite is not aesthetic affliction. Besides, as any defect of the skin. Emerging lumps and bumps are not a source of pride. On the contrary - rather cause complexes. Therefore, all women are seeking ways to enable them to crack down on this condition.

Strengthen immune system

How to build natural immunity? The arrival of cold weather, a lot of amplitude, less sun, the beginning of exposure to the test of our resilience. A strong immune system is healthy, and in the case of infection, shorter and milder its course.

Fall asleep

How to take care of restful sleep? For a good night's sleep, you need no less and no more than 7 hours of sleep. Avoid spending time in bed longer than 8-hour day, because it can aggravate the problem of insomnia.

How to stop hair loss?

Herbs for hair loss Herbal extracts that have a therapeutic effect for the whole body, may also be used to keep hair in good condition. The anti-hair loss treatment includes extracts from horsetail, rosemary, birch and nettle.

Homemade acne mask

Natural mask for acne Mix equal parts plain yogurt and honey, then add a little powdered zinc (can be thoroughly crushed tablet). Leave the mask on the face for about 15 minutes, then rinse.

How to naturally lower blood sugar?

Natural ways to reduce sugar

Tea with the white mulberry helps lower blood sugar Breakfast and dinner to drink tea from white mulberry, which is a plant discovery in recent years. It has been shown that it promotes the conversion of carbohydrates in the body and thereby contribute to normalize blood sugar levels.

Problems with nails

What problems with nails? Some people really care about nails, while others do not care for this at all. Regardless of whether we are in favor manicure or not, you should seek help as a result of brittleness, discoloration, wrinkles or fungal infection nails become ugly.

Acne in pregnancy

How to deal with acne during pregnancy? Do not expect that your acne attack in such a beautiful for you in life. Well, because've had a grow pretty and flourish, and do not walk around with pimples on his face and rashes on the back. But it's hard, it happened.

Herbs for insomnia

How herbs are best to treat insomnia? Thing you absolutely need to check for problems with sleep, are herbs. Even the ancients knew the healing properties of herbal infusions and boldly using their advantages.