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Intestinal health

How to properly take care of the colon?
Many people today suffer from bloating and discomfort in the lower abdomen. The reasons can be many. This may be, for example irritable bowel syndrome, or leaky gut. This may be intolerance to various types of foods or overgrowth of bad bacteria in the intestines.

Diet during chemotherapy

Nutrition during chemotherapy

Patients who undergo oncological therapy, the most afraid of nausea and vomiting. But keep in mind that, fortunately, are effective antiemetics to prevent the occurrence of such ailments.

How to help your liver?

The best ways to relieve the liver
The liver, like factory work hard for you: converts food into energy and substances that are needed for life, cleanses the body of toxins, stores vitamins and minerals.

How to avoid cancer?

What will help prevent cancer?
Proper diet is one of the most important anti-cancer lifestyle. It can help your body defend against cancerous cells. Some nutrients (eg, indoles, and sulforaphane polyphenols) are able to neutralize carcinogens and thus prevent the mutation of healthy cells in the body.

1300 calorie diet plan

Slimming Diet 1300 kcal The fiber in our body is not digested or absorbed , but it works like a versatile drug . A diet rich in this component effectively help reduce the too high level of cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar.

A vegetarian diet plan

Plan and the provisions of vegetarian diet
Diet vegetarian excludes meat and fish, but still meets all the needs of the body. Valuable and sufficient source of protein in the cheese, eggs, cereals, wholemeal flour and legumes . At the same time a large amount of vegetables and fruits will provide you with adequate amounts of fiber, vitamins and minerals.

What burns fat?

What helps burn fat?
Full fat important functions in the body: facilitates absorption of vitamins (A, D, E and K), is necessary for the production of hormones, protects internal organs. Only when it's too much is the cause of obesity, diabetes and promotes heart disease.

Vegetable diet

Fruit and vegetable diet A slimming diet propagated by Dr. Ewa Dabrowska. It is used by many doctors who supervise the use of diet in holiday centres that lead health holidays.

Slimming treatments

What treatment slimming choose?
If you wish to shape their figure, then you can opt for one of the treatments that help get rid of stubborn area of fat from the waist, abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms, legs or back.

Herbs for stomach

Herbal blends for his father stomach Klimuszko
Franciscan friar Andrew Czeslaw Klimuszko was opposed to use in the treatment of one or two herbs. He warned against everyday drinking such teas from the same mint, lime, lemon balm, etc, because in his opinion, prolonged consumption of such infusion can lead to health problems.

Potato diet plan

Slimming potato diet
The potato is a good cure for all ailments of the gastrointestinal tract :
regulates digestion, treat stomach and duodenal ulcers , constipation and indigestion.

Jaundice disease

Hepatitis C (HCV)
Hepatitis C is popularly called "infectious hepatitis" because some patients there is a yellowing of the skin. As HCV enters the body, slowly but steadily destroys the liver.

Meat diet plan

Slimming meat diet
It is a meat diet, but it works. Diet fed and do not go hungry. At the beginning it may be difficult, but then it should somehow go :). Note: the diet is not recommended during menstruation.

How to make kefir?

Homemade kefir
This fermented milk drink its distinctive flavor and aroma owes so. kefir grains (composition of lactic acid bacteria, streptococci, and yeast). They break down lactose (milk sugar) and make it easier to digest with.

Apple diet plan

Apple Slimming Diet Principles of diet apple
In the morning, before breakfast, drink a glass of lukewarm water, to which you add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (it will stimulate the metabolism and cleanse the toxins).

How to look after your heart?

What is good for the heart?
The condition of our heart depends not only on whether we exercise and avoid stress. According to the researchers for the heart is also important, as we take care of your teeth and what we choose for dinner.

How to freshen breath?

The way to fresh breath
The feeling of disgust in the mouth and bad breath can be caused by certain dishes such as containing herring, raw onions or garlic. This may also be a complaint of people who apply draconian diet or fasting.

Diet juice

Cleansing diet juice
1-day diet juice is tasty, light and pleasant. Thanks to her extracurricular lose weight, cleanse the skin and improve your mood. It can be used once a week.