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What burns fat?

What helps burn fat?

Full fat important functions in the body: facilitates absorption of vitamins (A, D, E and K), is necessary for the production of hormones, protects internal organs. Only when it's too much is the cause of obesity, diabetes and promotes heart disease.

Where does the fat?

At the time of our birth in the body is already around 30 million fat cells. When food is plentiful, these cells accumulate fat and swollen, but does not increase their number.

Sometimes, however, when we eat too much than is needed, new fat cells, and when we are active, we use a diet - you burn fat. Then the cells shrink, but not disappear.

Note! For this reason, when we break treatment and return to bad habits, the cells swell again (yo-yo effect). To keep the fat at bay, especially not in our diets fail "fat eaters."

Fennel burns fat

It is a source of vitamin C, which accelerates fat burning. It has a lot of fiber that binds fat and increasing its excretion. Fennel helps in cleansing the body of toxins. Prevents flatulence. The best is raw as an addition to salads, for example, orange, pear and melon.

Beets and carrots burn fat

This is a perfect couple. Total hinder the absorption of fats from food. They have a lot of fiber, mainly pectins and a lot of beta-carotene, which will take care of your skin.

Sam beet speeds up the metabolism and has a lot of fiber, providing a feeling of fullness for longer. It also prevents constipation. Eating large amounts of sugar beet in conjunction with physical activity also stimulates muscle growth.

Sprouts burn fat

It's a real bomb multivitamin. Provide the body with B vitamins that speed up metabolism and help you burn fat. They also have a lot of potassium, which helps weight loss, removing excess water from the body.

Celery burns fat

It has few calories, but a lot of vitamins and minerals. Regulates the digestive tract, speeds up the metabolism and helps to burn fat. It's the perfect addition to salads and cocktails, especially vegetables. Celery is a great snack that gives you a feeling of fullness, preventing attacks wolf hunger.


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