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Herbs for stomach

Herbal blends for his father stomach Klimuszko

Franciscan friar Andrew Czeslaw Klimuszko was opposed to use in the treatment of one or two herbs. He warned against everyday drinking such teas from the same mint, lime, lemon balm, etc, because in his opinion, prolonged consumption of such infusion can lead to health problems.

Note! In the book, "Return to medicinal herbs" wrote: "The necessary condition to obtain good results of treatment with herbs is the ability of the selection and combination of an appropriate set"

Accepting only brew prepared from a plurality of plants (usually from 7 to 11) gives the desired effect, since each has a different effect herb and collectively can only be used to restore biological balance in the patient body.

How to prepare a blend of herbal Klimuszko by his father?

It should take 50 g of each of the recommended herbs, mix thoroughly and pour into a glass, twisted jar.

Note! Every time infusing fresh herbs .

Preparation: heaping tablespoon of the mixture, pour a cup of boiling water and cover for 3 hours. Strain, heat gently.

Note! Herb and flowers do not cook because they lose valuable substances. If the set contains bark or root, you can cook them separately 5 minutes in a little water, strain and add to the infusion broth. Herbs not sweetened. Drink it slowly, in small sips.

After finishing first prepared herbal mixture should take a break for seven days. Then you can start another treatment. Then - after the end of the second set - aside herbs for 12 days. The third and final set shall be prophylactically.

Note! If - due to chronic disease - a mixture will be used a long time interval between successive treatments should take 10-14 days. Treatment with herbs can only support the treatment prescribed by your doctor. Due to interactions with other drugs, tell her specialist.

Herbal Blends for stomach problems

Gastric hyperacidity (typical ailment associated with excessive feasting).

Blend: 50 g herb marjoram, yarrow, potentilla anserina and shanties, marshmallow root, linden inflorescence, lemon balm leaf, lichen Iceland, couch grass rhizome.

Dosage: drink 3 times a day for a glass.

Nervous dyspepsia (may develop as a result of tiredness, painful psychological experience, long-term worries).

Note! For any neurosis effective therapeutic agent is hydrotherapy, baths, rubbing a wet towel.

In less severe cases, the father Klimuszko also recommends herbs:

50 g: a leaf of lemon balm and menyanthes trifoliata L., thyme, knotweed and thyme, valerian root, angelica, sweet flag rhizome, St. John's wort, lavender flower.

Dosage: drink 3 times a day for a glass.


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