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How to lose weight healthily?

Principles of healthy weight loss

People who want to lose weight need to eat sensibly. Therefore, we know the important recommendations of nutritionists and doctors.

The most important principles of healthy weight loss

1) You should eat regularly - ideally every 3-4 hours. You can not starve yourself ! Most calorie meal should be breakfast, you must provide us with so much energy that allowed us to function without feeling hunger until noon.

At noon it's time for lunch - light, complementary meal. It compensates for energy losses and allows for efficient function to lunchtime. Approximately 14 it is time for lunch. Subsequent meals (tea, dinner) must be low in calories, because in the evening slows the metabolism and the body needs less energy.

2) Avoids the monotony on a plate - one of the most common mistakes when dieting. If you give up completely of certain foods, the body is deprived of essential nutrients, and it exposes us to exhaustion.

Therefore, the best solution is to eat foods from the different groups, and within one group to reach for different products.

3) You should drink enough water - in total it should be 2-3 liters per day. Water is the only drink that fully covers the water balance. Thanks minerals contained in it helps prevent shortages. Also prevents constipation, and especially when it is warm.

4) Physical activity - remember that exercise is the key to lose weight.

5) The measures weight loss (eg, tea, herbs , green coffee ) - can only be used in addition and with the consent of the doctor.

Note! An important role in weight loss fully fiber, which eliminates constipation. There is, among others, fruit and groats.


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