Healthy eating habits

Healthy eating

It should begin to make healthy habits and invest in yourself. Top small steps to change negative habits and implement new, positive changes.

You will then enjoy well-being and health for many years. But you probably ask yourself the question: "How do you do?"

Below are some valuable and simple tips.

Begin the day with breakfast

Do not have no time? In the morning you do not feel hungry?

Note! Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day and absolutely can not miss it.

Contrary to appearances, breakfast should be also quite abundant and therefore should not only consist of sandwiches, as well as a glass of milk, yogurt or servings of fruit.

Eat regularly

Then your body throughout the day will be able to use the energy supplied to him.

It also set meal times and stick to them throughout the week, and the interval between meals should not be long. Even after two or three hours, start thinking about the next.

Eat a variety of foods

You have to do it to the body received all the necessary materials.

Try to make for dinner every day was something else, and if for example you eat potatoes almost every day, then try cereal, pasta, rice. After all, the market is a whole bunch of products that are worth a try.

It will certainly be beneficial to your health.

Do not be afraid to experiment. Try a soy, wasabi or pomelo ...

Do not forget to drink

Note! A healthy diet is not just food. It also drinking a large intake of fluids is a must ...

Every day eat 2-2.5 liters. Limit coffee and strong tea, and instead drink more mineral water, fruit and vegetable juices.

Note! Pay attention to the juices. Choose only 100%, with no added sugar and sweeteners, and if you have the time and inclination, buy fruits and juices squeeze yourself.

Yes made ​​juice is completely different than drink from the carton ...

Remember to traffic

Regular physical activity is the key to health.

It should stick to this rule: "3x30x130".

This means that the game played is at least "three times a week - 30 minutes - of the heart action about 130 beats per minute."

Decide on a form of exercise, which is available to you and gives you pleasure, because only then will you be able to enjoy the sport on a regular basis and with a smile on his face.

Find time to relax

Stress and overwork are the cause of frequent illnesses, and it is because the immune system is weakened.

Therefore, it is worth remembering that the weekend is the weekend - the time that is given to himself, friends and family. For example, you then have a barbecue for the next or go to the cinema or theater, and can save on yoga or dance class ...

Do not forget control studies

Many diseases can be easily treated if they are diagnosed quickly.

Note! Taking care of yourself is primarily taking care of yourself.

Once a year, you need to follow the morphology, and its outcome consult a physician.

Please use prevention programs organized in our city / place of our residence.

You can not forget about the regular visits to the dentist. Enjoy the review of the teeth and remove tartar.

Healthy habits start to implement now!


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