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How to make kefir?

Homemade kefir

This fermented milk drink its distinctive flavor and aroma owes so. kefir grains (composition of lactic acid bacteria, streptococci, and yeast). They break down lactose (milk sugar) and make it easier to digest with.

Also produce lactic acid, carbon dioxide and some of the ethyl alcohol, to acidify and gently foam the milk, making them exceptionally refreshing and healthy.

Kefir for beauty

Kefir will help you in taking care of a slim figure, improves because metabolism is low in calories (about 45 to 100 ml) and a low glycemic index (GI = 36, prevents attacks wolf hunger). You can also do it compresses for example, the sun burned skin, add it to the cosmetic masks (cleanses the skin and improves its color).

Kefir health

Its nutritional value is similar to milk, but found in kefir protein, fat, lactose and mineral salts are more absorbable. They can be drunk people with lactose intolerance. Kefir prevents constipation, helps cleanse the body of toxins and increases the resistance.

How to make kefir at home?

Buy cup of kefir and pour into 2 liters of fresh , pasteurized milk. It should be warm to about 20 ° C, pour into a jar, stir, cover with gauze and leave overnight at room temperature.

After this time, bacteria and yeast in kefir multiplication of all the milk, giving it a specific flavor and texture. Properties of kefir depends on its maturity - young, one day, slightly acidic improves bowel function, a two-day has the best nutritional properties, and a three-day contains a lot of lactic acid and alcohol (can inhibit diarrhea).

Note! Kefir for the first three days ( when mature ) should be stored at a temperature of about 13 ° C, eg in the pantry. Then - closed in a jar - you can keep in the refrigerator for about 2 weeks.

Kefir fruit cocktail

Wash the peach, cut into pieces. Rinse mint leaves. Peach and mint blend with 400 ml of cold kefir. Season with a spoon of honey and lemon juice. Serve immediately.


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