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1300 calorie diet plan

Slimming Diet 1300 kcal

The fiber in our body is not digested or absorbed , but it works like a versatile drug . A diet rich in this component effectively help reduce the too high level of cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar.

also stimulates intestinal function, improves metabolism, and especially in the gastrointestinal tract by absorbing large amounts of water fills the stomach and intestines and thereby reducing appetite.

Note! He eats less calories, and is a bright and cheerful. A rich source of fiber are only products of plant origin: mainly vegetables, some fruits, whole-grain breads, oatmeal and coarse grits.
In contrast, animal products (eg meat, eggs , milk, fish , etc.) do not contain it at all, but that does not mean that you have to exclude them from your diet, but exercise restraint.

Note! Meat should be eating in the company of fiber-rich vegetables and whole grains. We must also remember that a fiber diet should drink a lot - every day at least two liters of still water (spring or mineral ).
With the amount of fiber in your diet you can not overdo it, because the excess is also not beneficial, it can reduce the bioavailability of certain minerals, eg iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium.

Rules 1300 kcal diet

It takes 5 days.

Slimming: about 1 kg in one cycle.

You can repeat it: even for 25 days, then do at least 5-10 days break and then go back to the diet.

Diet recommended: for people who are overweight and during weight loss does not want to feel hunger. Great for people who have problems with constipation and increased levels of cholesterol, triglycerides and blood glucose.

Diet advised for small children, pregnant and nursing women and people who, for health reasons should be on a diet with limited amounts of digestible fiber (mainly those who tease gastrointestinal disease).

Particularly rich: the fiber.

1300 kcal diet plan


360 kcal breakfast

Honey yogurt with slices of orange

II 160 kcal breakfast

Egg with bread

Lunch 410 kcal

Sola in mustard sauce with wholemeal pasta , cabbage salad with tomatoes

Afternoon tea 150 kcal

Big apple , a small pear

Dinner 230 kcal

Peppers stuffed with cottage cheese


Breakfast 350 kcal

Yogurt with watercress

II 160 kcal breakfast

Cottage cheese with prunes

Lunch 400 calories

Pasta with stewed vegetables

Afternoon tea 150 kcal

2 medium tangerines, kiwi medium

Dinner 220 kcal

Sandwich with sardines and endive


Breakfast 370 kcal

Muesli with sunflower

II 130 kcal breakfast

Sandwich with beef and crunchy radish

Lunch 400 calories

Leg of chicken with garlic

Afternoon tea 160 kcal

A large orange, a small pear

Lunch 220 kcal

Pate sandwich with roast and vegetables


Breakfast 340 kcal

Yogurt with bran

II 140 kcal breakfast

Sandwich with smoked salmon

Lunch 430 kcal

Liver stewed with apples and onions

Afternoon tea 140 kcal

Large grapefruit

Dinner 220 kcal

A slice of whole-wheat bread , hard-boiled egg or soft , salad with radishes and cucumbers


Breakfast 370 kcal

Dried plums with yoghurt

II 160 kcal breakfast

Sandwich heat

Lunch 400 calories

Groat of stew poultry and pig "three flavors "

Afternoon tea 150 kcal

Raspberry mousse

Dinner 210 kcal

Pumpemikiel with a paste of tuna


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