Diet during chemotherapy

Nutrition during chemotherapy

Patients who undergo oncological therapy, the most afraid of nausea and vomiting. But keep in mind that, fortunately, are effective antiemetics to prevent the occurrence of such ailments.

Therapy will be much better tolerated by the body, the patient will comply with specific nutritional guidance.

Drugs in chemotherapy

Doctors - oncologists recommend the use of antiemetics already during the first course of chemotherapy, because it allows prevent of acute nausea and vomiting in about 70 % of patients.

Remember! These drugs are available only on prescription. They inhibit the irritation of receptors in the gut, stomach and brain that are responsible for the formation of vomiting.

There are many types of anti-emetics, and the choice of a particular set will be for each patient individually.

It may happen that it will be necessary to use several antiemetic agents to be given intravenously usually a few days before chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Then prophylactically orally or rectally.

If the treatment has a low risk of nausea appropriate medication is administered only once ailments, not preventive.

Remember! Antiemetics in May but its drawbacks. At the time of their use should be prepared , inter alia, for dizziness, headaches, insomnia or dry mouth.

Diet chemotherapy

Unpleasant symptoms during cancer treatment reduces food meals in smaller portions, but it is likely that 4-4 hours.

The diet should avoid foods that are sweet, greasy and fried. You have to eat slowly, sitting, carefully chewing every bite.

Dishes should be soft, preferably mixed, and meals should be at room temperature, because their smell is less noticeable than the smell of hot foods, which can irritate the patient.

It is worth to avoid not only the cooking odors, but also the strengths of perfume or smoke. Gagging can be alleviated by eating sauerkraut and pickled cucumbers or sucking mints or ice cubes.

While eating you can not drink any beverages. He drinks an hour or one hour after the meal - preferably water or weak tea.

If there is no recurrence vomiting, it can then turn on the cool, diluted with water, sweetened fruit juices.

Remember! It is important to rehydrate throughout the day. Liquids should be taken as often as possible , in small sips.

Immediately after a meal should try not to do two things that can be the cause of vomiting ie brushing teeth and exercise.

If you are in the mouth metallic taste, then you need to flush them with water , and the feeling of bitterness alleviate a little bit of honey.

Support chemotherapy

In the course of cancer treatment may appear so. nausea and vomiting selling off. Their cause is stress and anxiety prior to chemotherapy.

Then, as often as not stay in the open air (if possible) and the company of loved ones, friends, family. Tension and uncertainty that are associated with the treatment you need to try to unload listening to music, aromatherapy or a relaxing bath, a release muscle gymnastics.

Well done also support psychotherapist. You can also use non-conventional treatments, such as acupuncture, acupressure and herbal treatments (eg vilacacorÄ… - Peruvian herbs).


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