How to treat liver and gallbladder

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Lymphatic cleanse

Purification of the lymphatic system

This treatment should be carried out when the period begins influenza (and other bacterial). Thanks to it without the use of antibiotics will be able to quickly and effectively destroy the infection in the body, and in addition to cleanse the lymphatic system and bloodstream, as well as your inventory of natural vitamin C.

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Jillian Michaels food plan

Jillian Michaels diet regulates metabolism

Jillian Michaels coming from United is an expert in the field of weight loss, fitness trainer and sports medicine specialist. When laying your weight loss program has benefited not only knowledge, but also from our own experience (for years struggled with being overweight).

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How do you calculate BMI?

BMI (Body Mass Index)

BMI (the so-called. Body Mass Index - BMI), the most commonly used indicator, which determines the correct weight. There are a number of indicators, but BMI is considered to be the most practical and is calculated in the same way for men and women.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Food for liver disease part. 2

Diet for liver disease

Casserole with salmon and spinach

Ingredients for 4 people: 80 grams of salmon fillet | 60 grams of fresh or frozen spinach | 60 grams of pasta ribbons type | of hundreds of melted low-fat (150 g) | 0.2 l of milk 1,5% | 10 dag butter | 2 cloves garlic | 0.6 liters vegetable stock | ginger | salt and pepper

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Irritable bowel syndrome diet plan

Diet in the irritable bowel syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome is characterized by pain and / or discomfort in the abdomen, bloating, change in frequency of bowel movements and stool consistency. The diarrhea can occur alternating with constipation. Pain, discomfort and bloating often subside after a bowel movement. Typical symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome are identified by the physician, however, do not necessarily occur simultaneously or can occur in other embodiments.

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