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Lymphatic cleanse

Purification of the lymphatic system

This treatment should be carried out when the period begins influenza (and other bacterial). Thanks to it without the use of antibiotics will be able to quickly and effectively destroy the infection in the body, and in addition to cleanse the lymphatic system and bloodstream, as well as your inventory of natural vitamin C.

Note! Deficiency of vitamin C is found in every human being, especially in cigarette smokers (smoked cigarette destroys the body of 25 mg of vitamin C).

Purification of lymph and blood - the principles of treatment

The treatment is carried out for three days, in turn, during which you should not eat anything except oranges and grapefruit. During the day you need to drink 2.2 liters. Juice blends

Note! Every day you have to draw up a new blend of juices.

The composition of the mixture for 1 day (juice must be freshly squeezed):

0.9 liters of grapefruit juice | 0.9 liters of orange juice | lemon juice 0,2 l | 0.2 L of distilled water

Total: 2 liters of juices + 0.2 l of water.

Treatment for 1 day

First morning on an empty stomach, drink 1 tablespoon of Epsom salt dissolved in a glass of warm water. This must be done in order to expel from all parts of the body that are there toxins.

Note! Epsom salt solution acts on the lymph poisoned with toxins like magnesium to iron filings. As a result, all the "dirt" gather in the intestines and are excreted niejednokrotnym purgative.

Acting "laxative" This solution eluting toxins dehydrates the body. For compensation of water loss from drinking these juices mix 2.2 l with distilled water. The body will absorb it quickly.

2 After drinking the bitter salt solution dress warmly and every 30 minutes, drink the juice mix 100 g until it's over.

Note! When you feel hungry - eat oranges and grapefruit, but nothing apart from them. During the treatment you strongly to sweat - this is normal, because then the body gets rid of all impurities.

In the 2nd and 3rd of the process is the same as the 1-th day.

Treatment is best applied in early spring and late autumn before the start of the epidemic of upper respiratory tract.


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