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Ways to deal with stress?

What helps to relieve stress?

Do you know people who do not get stressed? Because I do not :) Today, unfortunately, we all get stressed. While some are able to cope with the stress a little bit better, others worse.

What influences that we cope better with stress?

Certainly helps in this lifestyle and diet. That is why I tell you today about some foods that will help you fight stress.

Chocolate helps fight stress

Dark chocolate - even blocking the sensation of pain and depression.

Protein helps in the fight against stress

A small amount of good quality protein. I'm here for example. Of the egg, a small cube of cheese or a small handful of nuts (such as. Pecans). This helps keep blood sugar on an even level, and thus improves the mood.

Bananas help fight stress

Bananas are the source of dopamine (vitamin B), as well as magnesium, that soothe the nervous system.

Coffee helps fight stress

Note! Here I would like to point out that the coffee only in small quantities (I'm not talking about excess coffee).
The coffee in small amounts acts as an antidepressant effect on neurotransmitters which control mood, but in terms of excess coffee, it can act in a completely ins and in an opposite manner.

Turmeric helps fight stress

Surely you've heard of turmeric, is one spice that has a yellowish-orange color. It has many medicinal benefits, helps with depression and improves mood.

Also add turmeric to your meals (eg. For lunch - very good works turmeric as a supplement to steamed vegetables).

Blueberries help fight stress

Blueberries improve mood, help in the production of dopamine.

Omega-3 acids help fight stress

Studies have shown that omega-3 soothe and help depression.
Note! Once studies were conducted on prisoners, one group was given omega-3, the other not. This group, who took omega-3 was more calm.

Fermented products to help fight stress

These include products such as silage, yoghurt, kefir, which are a good source of the beneficial bacteria that affect the health of our intestines.
Note! If your intestines are healthy, it automatically improves your mood.
It is also said that our colon is like our second brain. They include a lot of neurotransmitters that are associated just with the mood.

It is therefore important to look after them.


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