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Blood sugar levels high

Regulate blood sugar levels

When carbohydrates (sugars) from food do not go to our cells remaining in the blood then develops diabetes. If the blood glucose level exceeds 126 mg / dl, then we speak of hyperglycemia.

Note! To regulate blood sugar levels, you need to eat 5-6 meals a day, drink a lot, slowly, in small sips. The best is mineral water, weak tea or coffee substitute.

Shortage of sugar

This is also the problem of people with diabetes. Sugar shortage leads to hypoglycemia, or hypoglycemia (blood sugar below 55 mg / dl).

The cause may be an overdose of insulin or other antidiabetic drug, the omission of one of the meals, stress, excessive effort.
Note! Sugar quickly "jump" after eating candy (eg. Sweets) or drinking a glass of sweet drink. If after 3-5 minutes there is no improvement, you need to repeat the dose, and if that does not work, call an ambulance as soon as possible.

 What will help keep sugar in check?

Coffee: Regular drinking 4 cups of coffee (preferably espresso) daily helps regulate blood glucose levels. It contains substances (including caffeine) significantly improve the activity of the protein for reducing the risk of developing type II diabetes.

Green grapefruit: after dinner, eat half of the fruit, but se peel and white błonkami. Compared with other fruits, grapefruit has very little sugar and is characterized by a low glycemic index, which means that after eating does not increase blood sugar levels. On the contrary, it contains substances, including fiber, lower sugar levels and enhance insulin sensitivity.

Dark chocolate and red wine: 1-2 cubes of dark chocolate or drinking from time to time light dry wine may protect against fluctuations in blood sugar levels, and this is because it is contained in dark chocolate (over 70% cocoa), and red wine flavonoids reduce the body's resistance insulin. The body responds better then a hormone that removes excess sugar.

Saltwater fish: such as cod, hake, pollock or sole, should eat 2-3 times a week (the portion of approx. 150 g). As regards the method of preparation, there is a lot of options. Top bake them in foil, cook by steaming or strangle or bake on the grill.

You can add to the paste twarogowo-fish, or as an ingredient in other dishes. Contained in fish, polyunsaturated fatty acids assist weight loss and facilitate fat burning, thanks to increases the body's sensitivity to insulin, which in turn allows you to keep diabetes at bay.


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