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Brain training exercises

How to improve brain function?

Not long ago, scientists thought that the number of neurons in the brain is greatest at birth and only decreases. Today we know that a lifetime is not only formed new connections, but new neurons.
Note! Therefore, you can have a fit mind regardless of age. You only need to create favorable conditions for the intellect. Start practicing.
1 To save certain situations, engage all the senses:

  • vision (eg. colors of flowers in the garden);
  • hearing (eg. noises from the street);
  • smell (eg. smells like perfume in a nearby);
  • touch (eg. what you feel when you run your fingers through the dog).

Notice the and mention such details, it is accelerating the development of the cells and their connections in different parts of the brain.

2 If you are a right-handed person, from time to time try to write and draw with his left hand, because it will offer new connections in the brain neurons.

3 Solve puzzles :)

Gymnastics for the brain

Try to fix in memory a list of words given below.
Note! Do not memorize but "mechanically" by constant repetition. Achieve a much better result if you use your imagination.
Connect together the words, making them a story. Think of association through which you connect with each word. The funnier, more interesting and more dynamic imagine something, the picture in your memory will be more durable.

For example. Having to remember the words:

  • cat, milk, ball, car

you can create a story:

  • cat drinking milk, which caught the ball, then rolled under the wheels of the car.
Note! The whole story does not say only for voice, but above all see it in your imagination.
Words to remember:

TV | flower | bike | paints | book | elephant | dress | light | stone | window

Now cover your words and write them in turn. If you do not remember, skip the word and try to remember the other elements of his stories. Then try to write words from the end to the beginning. You'll see that with a good combination, does not it will be difficult.

Through this exercise you awaken your imagination, learn to associations, and thus will be memorized many items.

Now try to remember the example. shopping list.


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