Most effective way to lose weight

How to effectively get rid of extra pounds?

To maintain your ideal weight should be per kilogram eat meals with a value of 30 kcal. Eg. For a woman who weighs 60 kg. daily nutritional ration is so 1800 kcal.

Note! If you want to lose weight, you must reduce the limit from 500 to 1000 kcal per day. The best solution would be a diet of 1,000 to 1,500 kcal. Well developed will give you a feeling of satiety from morning to evening, in spite of servings eaten meals.
This will allow you to lose weight from 0.5 to 1 kg per week. However, before you take the first step in weight loss, you need to know what and how much you should eat.

Note! Slimming start from the knowledge of nutrition pyramid, which will show you what groups of products you eat and how often. A model of the new pyramid was developed several years ago at the University of Harvard in the USA. It was based on the Mediterranean diet, because it turned out that people living in the Mediterranean are less obese and less likely to suffer from heart and cancer.

Physical activity

But that's not all. Base of the pyramid is a physical activity, because regular exercise promote rapid absorption into the body of nutrients and helps get rid of excess body fat.
Note! The weight loss you need to combine two things: diet and movement. 

Calorie restriction

The study showed that it is best to lose weight in a group and under the supervision of a nutritionist, but that does not mean that the specialist will do the whole job for you.
Note! A healthy diet is not annoying obligation, really can become a pleasure, but it really is you yourself must discover what is best for you and work out your own way of shedding pounds.
Losing weight should begin to reduce caloric intake. At the beginning only so much. So you can eat what you like, but in smaller portions. Then - after a week (two) - start to study tables in calories and analyze your meals.
Note! Only now will begin to see which products are calorie bombs, of which we often do not realize.
Now it's time for the next important step. You need to check what nutrients provides you with diet. But this does not mean that you have to give up their favorite foods.
Note! If, for example. Like knuckles or spaghetti, you can eat them, but you have to remember that it is high-calorie foods, and it is important how much they consume. And here you have to be really vigilant, as often in one meal you eat the number of calories that you have set for the whole day. 

 How many meals a day?

There should be a minimum of four:

  • and breakfast;
  • second breakfast;
  • lunch;
  •  dinner.

Additional fifth portion of the tea, which should consist of fruit or yogurt. Intervals between meals can not be longer than than 3-4 hours, otherwise you will feel ravenous hunger and the next meal you eat a lot and quickly, selecting products accidental (including those calories).
Note! According to nutritionists and you can not use this rule: "after 18 do not eat" because it applies to people who go to bed with the proverbial chickens and those of us who live an active and late evening work, can confidently eat a light meal even after 21 to have the energy to operate.

What about the candy?

This is very important. You need to significantly reduce food simple carbohydrates, which immediately raise blood sugar and trigger the desire for another portion of something sweet (in effect causing overweight).

These include:

  • candy, cookies, chocolate, chocolate.

Top Eat right complex carbohydrates (cereals, vegetables). Research has shown that carbohydrates give a sense of calm, so the most is made of the not under stress, and the easiest way to gorge on these illicit, or sweets because they are on the doorstep. Preparing vegetable dishes takes time, which most often lack.

Thus, at the beginning of the hunger you can meet in small portions of sweets, for example. Piece of chocolate, fruit, or a few biscuits, but keep in mind that the sweet treat as stimulants and reach for not sporadically.
Note! In any case, they can not replace lunch or dinner. And remember, any changes in eating habits gradually enter.
First, to deal with one in fatal habit, for example. Sweeten tea and coffee, and when you get used to the bitter taste of the drink is before you start to make another change (eg. Replace fried breaded meat cutlets first saute pan fried, then stewed, and finally cooked). The order does not play the role here.
Note! There is no any difference from their weaknesses which you deal at the beginning of the diet. Important begin. 

And at the end of the diet?

Note! Stage intense weight loss may take up to three months, and after its completion you gradually, in small portions to increase the caloric content of menu.
After a 1000 kcal diet so you can get the first week enrich your menu only 200 kcal. Next, add another 200 calories. In this way, should occur within a month to approx. 1500-1600 kcal per day.

For the next three months should be just enough daily dose, and only after this time you may re-allow a little more.


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