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Healthy weight loss diet

The principles of a healthy diet

Follow these rules, and then lose weight and avoid the yo-yo:

  • diet must be balanced, because when eliminating fats, carbohydrates or proteins often leads to nutritional deficiencies;
  • eat regular meals - it regulates metabolism;
  • consume dinner 3 hours before bedtime;
  • safe diets, such as losing weight of 0.5-1 kg per week;
  • cook meals alone, because only then you are guaranteed that do not have harmful ingredients;
  • drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day.

Is a low carbohydrate diet is healthy?

This diet alongside sweets and sweet fruits eliminate from the diet bread, pasta, cereal, and all other cereal products.
Note! This is a mistake. These carbohydrates are low in calories (about 5 kcal / gram), and are also necessary for proper functioning of the brain and muscles.
At the beginning of a low carbohydrate diet improves mood, and all by the fact that in their absence the body produces ketone bodies, which provide energy, excite, but after a few days of this diet comes to the excess of ketone bodies and to acidify the body.
Note! This strain on the kidneys and liver, resulting in weakness and impaired metabolism.
Good carbohydrates are not too caloric and their withdrawal will not bring a large decrease in weight.

Low-fat diet

Eating too little fat prevents the absorption of vitamins D, E and K, which just dissolve in fats.
Note! Often, to improve the consistency of the product, the fat in light type products (skim), for example. Yoghurt 0% is replaced with sugar or syrup, glucose-fructose, and this increases the calorific value of the product. To make matters worse, food products, glucose-fructose syrup does not only obesity, but also diabetes.
Fat intake for a long time gives a feeling of satiety (unlike sugar) and so winds up a spiral. After eating skimmed the product will still hungry, so I reach for something to eat, again, choose "less calories" products light and so, instead of losing weight, you work for the next kilograms.

It should also know that the fat contained in meat products is the carrier of flavor and a guarantee of consistency, and when removed, ham and sausage taste like paper. Manufacturers need to somehow replace the fat and add flavor forming substances that imitate the natural aroma and chemical enhancers.
Note! 100 g fat-free meats usually involves only 30% of the meat and the rest is filler.
For these reasons, even though it contains less fat sausage does not necessarily contain less calories
Note! Having skimmed sausages, not only did not lose weight, it can also 'contaminate' your body chemistry and disrupt normal metabolism.

Too restrictive diet

Skipping meals is the reason for switching to lower the body's energy needs, which learns to function despite provide less calories, and then when you start eating more, your body taught by experience will deposit the surplus in case you starve it again.
Note! And it will store fat characters and then just get fat again.
Many restrictive diets recommended black coffee on an empty stomach, and it is not good for the body. Black, hot coffee consumed on an empty stomach significantly stimulates peristalsis and adds energy, but these effects last for more than two quarters. Then the blood pressure drops and the feeling of sluggishness returns.
Note! Much longer and more serious effect drink black coffee after waking inducing the stomach to secrete more gastric acid which have nothing to digest (not eaten breakfast), irritate and damage the stomach wall. 

Slimming preparations

These preparations often contain caffeine, taurine or guarana, whose task is to speed up metabolism and increase body temperature to intensify fat burning.
Note! These substances also increase blood pressure, and it can prophesy and lead to hypertension and heart rhythm disorders.
It is better to replace them with hot spices - eg. Black pepper, cayenne pepper, and turmeric. Give similar results, and do not harm the circulatory arrangement.

Lack of sleep cause weight gain

The body of the person who sleeps less than 8 hours per day, has less recovery time and lower metabolism. Adipose tissue person who slept badly produces less leptin, a hormone that affects hunger center. Normal levels of leptin in the blood of man ro 1-5 ng / dl in women 7-13 ng / dl.
Note! When we have too little of it, we feel hungry and eager to reach for a snack, we begin to gain weight ... .. we fall into the trap - the concentration of leptin is the greater, the more we have of body fat.
Elevated levels of the hormone is to inform the brain about the accumulation of energy reserves. Then the brain should stimulate satiety center and begin to burn fat.
Note! Unfortunately, the continued excess production of leptin is the reason for the resistance to the action and as a result many people still be overweight because your body is not receiving signals that give character to the exclusion of hunger.
The study showed that the least fat accumulate people who go to bed regularly, every day at the same time. Various hours sleep disturbs the secretion of hormones, among others, those that are responsible for feelings of hunger and satiety.

Fruit diet

Such a diet can be a trap, because most fruits (eg. grapes, apricots, apples and pears) is a rich source of fructose (a simple sugar), which rapidly raises the level of glucose in the blood and an excess of them (which can easily happen when you eat a lot fruit) - is converted into fatty acids and deposited in adipose tissue.


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