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Haylie Pomroy diet

Haylie Pomroy diet regulates metabolism

Haylie Pomroy is an American specialist on Nutrition, consults for intensive weight-loss centers and doctors. Argues that weight loss is not counting calories.

The key to success is to repair your metabolism. But how to do it? According to the authors of the diet in the repair of the most important metabolic role:

  • liver;
  • the adrenal glands;
  • thyroid;
  • pituitary gland, and finally
  • fatty tissue and muscle.
Note! Then it must support using a suitable food.

How long does the diet Haylie Pomoroy?

This program is divided into phases. The first lasts two days, the second - or two, and the third - three days. So ends the first week of the diet. According to the same scheme run another three weeks.

In total cure will take you 28 days.

Note! During this time, you can lose up to 10 pounds. If you fail to shed as much as a planned - could start a diet from the beginning. 

The basic principles of diet Haylie Pomroy

Eat five times a day, three main meals and two snacks. Reach for food every 3-4 hours. First meal eat approx. 30 minutes after waking up.

Note! For a diet to work, you need to apply it restrictively, and that means that you are allowed to reach only the designated products. Different for each phase. If you sin, you start all over again.
In the first phase you eat mostly carbs, but healthy, that is, for example. Fruits, brown rice, oatmeal, cereals alternatives such as quinoa (quinoa) and amaranth, as well as lentils and beans.

In the second phase have a lot of protein and low in carbohydrates, or eat breakfast for example. Omelette, roast beef snack with cucumber, red pepper lunch stuffed with tuna salad and dinner is roast halibut with cabbage salad.

In the third phase, you reach primarily healthy fats - nuts and seeds, olive oil, olives, coconuts, avocados. Eat moderate amounts of protein (eg. Salmon), vegetables and fruits, and such foods that turn up the thyroid works, such as coconut oil, shrimp and seaweed.

Why choose a diet Haylie Pomroy?

Want to lose weight? You need to eat! And improve your metabolism by eating carbohydrates, the protein and healthy fats in the right proportions. This diet will teach you healthy habits, composing healthy meals, and physical activity.

If you have been losing weight caused you problems - treatment Haylie Pomroy can finally help you. You will find lots of tips for yourself, even if you have special requirements (eg.'re Vegan, vegetarian or allergic).


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