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Digestive tract disorders

How to help yourself when you transition?

Fried, greasy dishes (and these are eaten in season barbecue) often cause bloating. We feel that the clothes, which previously felt quite comfortable, it has become extremely tight, and the buttons deny our comfort.

I think each of us suffered from eating food that was so delicious that we could not refuse to eat a little bit more.
Note! Effects greed, not only such as bloating, abdominal pain, but also, heartburn and belching appear only after 2-3 hours of eating a meal, and are most likely caused by digestive disorders that result from disruption of the stomach, liver, pancreas or intestine. Although they generally define "indigestion" may have various causes.

Too much food

When you eat too much food particles push against the wall of the stomach and cause nausea, heartburn, and even a headache and a bad mood.

Stomach, which is tightly filled not keep up with the processing of food, producing insufficient digestive enzymes.

How do you help?

First of all, you have to help the stomach. Drink warm (not hot!) Infusion of mint, St. John's wort, chamomile lun fennel. You can save also available in the pharmacy bitter stomach drops that stimulate the secretory function of the digestive system.
Note! Will also bring considerable relief swallowing center with additional enzymes that accelerate the digestion of decomposing proteins, fats and carbohydrates or plant extracts that stimulate the secretion of gastric juices and bile. It should also reach for those that contain such substances. Angelica root, chamomile, caraway, peppermint, licorice and plants Iberis amara, because they help the secretory glands, protect the gastric mucosa and liver cells, and also act relaxant and anti-inflammatory. 

Pain after overeating

Intestinal colic is also one of the effects of overeating. This is a sharp paroxysmal, spasmodic (spastic) lower abdominal pain that lasts from a few minutes up to 2 hours. Is caused by the stretching or contraction of the intestinal wall.
Note! This pain is caused by an excessive accumulation of gas in the gut, as well as inflammatory processes or infective-air ingestion during meals.
The first symptom of colic is abdominal distension, which is a hard, wypińôty abdomen and frequent, irritating gases. These problems usually occur after eating a heavy,flatulence dishes containing beans, peas, cabbage, onions, fat meat, even after instant meal.
Note! In this case, better to reach preparation with simethicone. It changes the surface tension of gas bubbles in the gut, reducing the unpleasant winds and a feeling of overcrowding in the abdomen.
Also alleviates pain colic or probiotic yogurt that contains beneficial to our digestive system lactic acid bacteria known as probiotics.

Relief can bring a hot water bottle or heating abdominal electric blanket or massage using essential oil of geranium.

Implementation of massage: massage for 5-10 minutes belly navel, staggering ever bigger wheels, the direction of the traffic moving clockwise.

In this way the intestines'll wake you make it work and for the removal of excess gas.

How to help the liver?

"Crease" and stinging in the right upper abdomen, especially if the meal was drunk alcohol, may indicate problems with the liver, which occur when due to stagnation of fluids (blood, bile, lymph) and edema will be enlarged.
Note! Then presses on the innervated sheath, purse liver. Right upper quadrant pain can also indicate problems with the gall bladder.
After a particularly heavy meal, especially rich in fried, marinated and greasy dishes, "watered" drinks rates, should help the liver special preparation, for example. The content of silymarin, which has regenerative properties, detoxifying and protecting liver cells.
Note! Also works great with such preparations. Artichoke extract, milk thistle or soy. Although for a few days, use easily digestible, not aggravating liver diet: avoid especially meat dishes, fried, heavily condimented and savory dishes flatulence, or the content of peas and cabbage, and above all, forgive yourself alcohol.


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