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Healthy snacks list

5 healthy snacks, so that certainly did not gain weight
Maintain appropriate calorie balance is the most important thing for weight loss. You can not afford the high derogation, because you can easily exceed the predetermined threshold energy.

Healthy vegan smoothies

Delicious and healthy vegan smoothies for every event
Are you planning to organize a party for guests? Do you want to give something original and delicious? I recommend three delicious cocktails - nutritious, energetic and very tempting. Fig, mint, a date, with vanilla, with cloves, with almonds, cocoa - which will you choose? I would recommend a high dose of positive energy.

How many meals a day?

How many meals a day should eat?
Many people are asking - how many meals a day should eat? It has to do with the growing fashion for a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition. If anyone dreaming of a healthy body shape should very carefully consider the title question.

Healthy gluten-free food

Gluten-free food
Life on the gluten-free diet has its pros and cons. However, it does not exclude people who can not eat products with gluten from normal life, because healthy gluten-free food is becoming increasingly common in the food market.

Almonds and weight loss

Almonds for weight loss
Obesity is often a long-term issue that affects people of all age groups. If the popularity of television programs, schools and various types of weight loss diet pills is any indication it can be assumed safely that America and the European Union have this big problem.

Motivation to lose weight

How to get motivated to lose weight?
Some people want to lose weight, but they often lack this motivation, especially if this is yet another attempt at weight loss. Being overweight interferes with daily life. We can feel it ugly, unfeminine, unmanly.

Hormones of happiness

Endorphins - natural hormones of happiness
Endorphins (natural happy hormones) are produced in the pituitary gland. Under their influence, you feel euphoric and improves your mood. Goes fatigue, floods you wave of optimism, the problems are not so big. It improves even the memory. He just wants to live :)

Can thyroid problems cause hair loss

Hair loss in thyroid diseases
The weakening of the hair or baldness occurs in many ailments. Usually it indicates a lack of some substance in the body necessary for the proper condition of the scalp and hair follicles. Any longer or serious disease or condition of reduced immunity may result in deterioration of the condition of the hair.

How often should i wash my hair?

Washing hair - how often?
The basis of hair care is their washing. It is often for us as a mechanical activity that you do not wonder exactly how it should look like. However, by the fact that they regularly wash your hair should adapt the rite to our needs.

Starving to lose weight

Is starving is good for weight loss?
It seems that to lose weight you need to eat less. Some treat it radically and conclude that it is best not to eat anything. But is it really a starvation diet is a good way to lose weight? Learn more about fasting and their application in our guide. We invite you to read.

How to breathe correctly?

Proper breathing and well-being
It has been calculated that during the day, each of us carries approx. 20 000 inhalations and exhalations, an average of 15-16 times per minute. Ignorance of physiology and persisted for years bad habits mean that most of us breathe incorrectly, using part of the lung capabilities.

Abdominal pain after eating

Abdominal pain after eating  - why after eating stomach hurts?
Abdominal pain is preferably induced smooth muscle contraction, which occur eg. In the intestine. When you tease mainly after eating a meal, or the cause may be stress, poor diet, but also a variety of disorders and disease states.

What causes gas and bloating?

Herbs for gas and bloating
Causes accumulation of gases in the intestines can be many. Starting from eating meals in a hurry, by poor diet until after a serious illness. The gases can accumulate in the intestines because they eat too greedily, for short chew mouthfuls of food.

Night eating

Night eating - effective ways to night snacking
You are a person who suffers from rampant night apatite and do not know how to control it? First of all you need to determine what causes these attacks of hunger.

Gluten-free diet weight loss

Gluten-free diet for weight loss
You are on a low calorie diet, you eat regularly, drink a lot of water, you are active, and yet the weight is in place? The problem may be gluten, which sometimes just enough to get rid of the diet, to finally begin to lose excess weight.

Symptoms of dry eye

Dry eye symptoms and treatment
Bloodshot eyes, feeling the sand under the eyelids .. it may be called. dry eyes. In this disorder the surface knobs are too few hydrated, and it promotes the development of inflammation of the conjunctiva and cornea.

What causes migraines?

Causes of migraines 
Migraine suffers in this country of about 4 million people. More than 80% of them are women. Still we are not known to cause the appearance of this pain. According to neurologists most migraine pain is due to malfunction of the blood vessels in the brain.