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Cellulite on thighs

How to fight cellulite on your thighs?
Cellulite is a skin affliction, which faced mostly women (percentage of men with cellulite is really negligible). There's no denying that the lumps and bumps do not look too aesthetically pleasing, especially on the thighs.

Stress and food

The best diet for stress
Living in the era of the twenty-first century consists mainly of stress. Who of us was ever in a stressful situation? Starting from the school, study, work and so on.

Oxidative stress relief

Oxidative stress that is a fire hazard body
Oxidative stress is the most fundamental cause of illnesses. To describe this phenomenon was an incentive for a lot of research and discoveries. It has been demonstrated its relationship with more than 50 disease entities, primarily the so-called. diseases of civilization.

Red wine and health

Red wine health
There is much talk about the destructive effects of alcohol on the body. But not entirely so. Yes, everyone alcohol harmful in large quantities. But there are those that in quite a small help.

Flu and colds

Flu and colds - as it infect?
Viruses flu and colds are being carried on hands of infected persons.  Colds and flu are acute viral disease - a highly infectious and contagious. At this point it is worth to realize that the term "infectious" is not synonymous with the term "infectious", as the verb "catch" is not synonymous with the verb "to become infected".

Rapeseed oil health

Why rapeseed oil is healthy?
Poland is one of the largest producers of rapeseed, yellow flowers growing usually in large groups throughout the summer. The oil produced from is often called the "olive north", referring in this way to the irreplaceable Italian olive oil.

Yoga for your eyes

Yoga for the eyes sample exercises
Yoga for the eyes is the discovery of recent years in the field of alternative medicine. Its effectiveness will definitely decide the subconscious and the belief that with the right exercises you can achieve surprising results. The following series of basic yoga exercises to be performed in a relaxed state approx. 50-60 minutes a day.

Brown rice diet

Diet brown rice 
It is common that rice, as an alternative to potatoes or noodles, is an ally of any dieting. Unfortunately, white rice, but easy to digest, contains almost as much starch as the average potato. We are taking care of the line so we are doomed to dispense altogether with additions to fruits and vegetables?

Healthy digestive system

A healthy digestive system is the lack of constipation
A healthy digestive system is something about which nowadays is extremely difficult. The condition of the digestive system affects food they delivered to the body, and here a lot of things we can not control. Sometimes the food is composed of elements that certainly does not help the digestivesystem, and sometimes even harmful.

Hair loss and menopause

Hair loss during menopause 
The most common cause of hair loss is an overactive thyroid gland. It is common in women after menopause. Other causes include: changes in hormone levels (increase or decrease) increase in testosterone, increased stress, various drugs, dermatological problems and hereditary.

Stress immune system

Chronic stress and immune system
The drop in employment in the industry that makes people more likely to seek additional work with the disposal less and less time and effort. The privileges are restricted, and employees increasingly rare use their holiday entitlement limited to the minimum necessary.