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Grapefruit and cholesterol

Grapefruit lower cholesterol in the blood
This fruit is extremely beneficial for the heart because it contains active ingredients that result in lowering blood cholesterol levels and may even cause purification arteries from existing deposits.

Diet lemon

Lemon Cleansing Diet
Most of us wince at the thought of eating several lemons. On the one hand, it is even good, because a diet that is based on the same lemons is not the healthiest, but their juice, used as a supplement is worth attention.

Vegetable cocktail cleansing the body

Cleansing cocktail

Detoxification and elimination of toxins from your body is held constant and is independent of whether you use any cleansing treatments or not. However, it does not always go smoothly, and the removal rate is the son depends on you, including from your diet, physical activity and breathing. In your daily diet can not be called. detoxificant, and such properties have fresh vegetables. Detoxification of the body is of extreme importance in preventing diseases and also affects the body's resistance.

Liver treatment

4-week treatment for liver
At the beginning of impaired liver does not give you any problems. It is only a few nerve pain. The first important signal that is not operating normally, it is morning fatigue.

Spelt nutrition

Health-promoting properties of spelled
Systematic diet spelled regenerates the whole body. Health properties of spelled suited for the treatment of many diseases and bring rescue in situations seem hopeless.

Melatonin for sleep

Shortages of melatonin cause insomnia
Sleep disorders occur with age. Over the years changes because our metabolism and secretion of hormones. As a result, more rarely happen to sleep long and deep.

Howard Hay diet

Slimming diet dr. Hay
According to the theory of Dr. Howard Hay eaten together, some products are fattening and eating separately slimming. This is due to the etching time (e.g.. meat is digested four hours, and the starch in bread - 2 hrs.).

Body cleansing foods

What to eat to cleanse the body?
A few days before the start of treatment you need to prepare your body to change. Do not eat sweets and highly processed foods (instant soups, fast food, etc..). Limit the amount of meat and sausages.

Lose weight after 40

Diet for 40 year olds
In this age make themselves familiar with the hormonal changes and a slower metabolism. Compared with youth body's need for energy decreases decreases by 1/4. Therefore, although we do not eat too much, you gain weight.

Home remedies for colds and flu

Homemade ways to prevent and treat colds and flu
Most people think that for the common cold and flu to blame bacteria and viruses, but he certainly know the people who are healthy when everyone at work and at home are suffering from a cold or the flu.