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Vitamin D weight loss

Vitamin D helps in weight loss

Vitamin D is different from the other vitamins: 75 to 90% of your you satisfy demand for energy by the action of sunlight on the skin.

Note! The rest will provide you with oily fish, eggs, mushrooms and milk.

On the content of vitamin D in the diet should especially pay attention during weight loss because it helps to not only burn fat, but also provides a good mood and strengthens bones.

Note! An international study, which showed that participants with the appropriate levels of vitamin D in the body burned 3 times more fat than those of its deficiencies.

Dishes with vitamin D

These dishes combine two advantages: strengthen your immune system and will lose weight.

The breakfast is the perfect mix of fruit:

Ingredients for 1 serving - 1 small banana | half an apple | 10 grams of pineapple | little peach

Preparation: fruit peel, clean and cut, mix in a bowl, pour 1 teaspoon of maple syrup and sprinkle with 1 teaspoon of chopped pistachios.

or sandwiches with salmon cream:

Ingredients for 1 serving - finely chop 30 g smoked salmon and 1 cf. Chop 2 sprigs of dill, mix with 50 grams of lean cream cheese, 1/2 teaspoon of honey and half a teaspoon of mustard. Add salt and pepper. Mix. Apply a paste 2 slices of bread. Eat less carbs, if you specify the paste on a bed of lettuce.

For lunch or dinner, proposes:

Beans with eggs

Ingredients for 1 portion - cut into cubes 1 slice of toast and Brown the. 10 grams of mix salad mix with 2 tablespoons vinaigrette dressing. Add 10 grams of the bean. Sprinkle with croutons prepared. For this cook 2 poached eggs.

Herring rolls

Ingredients for 1 portion - Up to 2 tablespoons of yogurt to taste, add lemon juice, salt and pepper. Cut into slices 1/2 cucumber and mix with the sauce. Chop the 2 stalks of chervil and dill. Sprinkle with herbs 3 herring fillets, wrap them. Serve rolls cucumber salad.

The best sources of vitamin D

Adult requires about a day. Of 20 micrograms of vitamin D. The best source is the cod liver oil (45 micrograms per 100 g). If you do not like fish oil are other good ways to get this important vitamin:

  • Herrings (26 mg / 100g)
  • Salmon (16μg / 100g)
  • Sardines (10 mg / 100g)
  • Avocado (3.5 mg / 100g)
  • Porcini mushrooms (3μg / 100g)
  • Processed cheese (3μg / 100g)
  • Eggs (3μg / 100g)
  • Mushrooms (2μg / 100g)
  • Milk (1,5μg / 100g)
  • Cheese (1,3μg / 100g)
  • Butter (1,2μg / 100g)

Note! 3 times a week for 10-15 minutes in the sun, or 30 minutes outside every day in the bright day - but needs your skin (nieposmarowana cream with filter), even in winter, to produce adequate vitamin D).

Of course you need here to consider your skin type, for example. Persons with darker skin can stay in the sun longer because their skin pigment protects against UV radiation.

When the weather is freezing, the sun shows only the face, hands and forearms. In winter the UV rays penetrate through the clouds also, because a longer walk at lunchtime cover at this time of year, demand for solar radiation.

Note! Dermatologists strongly advise against visiting the solarium and use at home with UV lamps, as in uncontrolled doses of radiation can be very harmful.


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