Howard Hay diet

Slimming diet dr. Hay

According to the theory of Dr. Howard Hay eaten together, some products are fattening and eating separately slimming. This is due to the etching time (e.g.. meat is digested four hours, and the starch in bread - 2 hrs.).

For this reason, Hay food divided into 3 groups. Products of protein and carbohydrate groups should not be combined in one meal, and the products of the neutral group can be eaten with proteins and carbohydrates.

3 groups of products in the diet Howard Hay

Group protein (food which contains animal or vegetable protein):

  • meat, meat, poultry, fish and seafood, eggs, cheese, yogurt, buttermilk and kefir, milk, legumes.

Neutral Group:

  • most vegetables, citrus fruits, seeds, nuts, herbs, and olive oil, butter, cream, sweet and sour, honey, tea, coffee, vegetable juices, mineral water.

Carbohydrate group (cereals):

  • bread, rice, pasta, cereal, cereals, potatoes and other vegetables with high starch content (eg. beets, corn), sweet fruit (eg. plums, grapes, bananas), cakes, sweets, chocolate.

Principles of nutrition in your diet Howard Hay

In addition to the incompatibility of products from a group of protein and carbohydrate metabolism, it is important gap between meals.

Note! After eating carbohydrates, wait two hours before you eat protein, and the protein meal should do 3-hour break before eating carbohydrates.

Every day you should eat 5 meals, three main courses, lunch and afternoon tea. The last two are not enough calories. Sweet fruits are eaten on an empty stomach or between meals. Red meat is eaten rarely and boiled, not fried.

Note! You need to drink a lot, mostly mineral water and herbal teas (2-3 l per day). The diet eliminates alcohol, strong tea and coffee and sodas. Coffee and tea is not sweetened.

Composing meals in the diet Howard Hay

Examples of good merger:

     citrus + sweet fruit;
     rice, cereal + vegetables;
     pasta + vegetables;
     fish or meat + vegetables;
     beans, peas + vegetables

Examples of bad merger:

     rice, cereal + meat or dairy products;
     meats + bread;
     sweet fruit + meat;
     sweet fruit + dairy.

Note! Good product bundling helps the body burn fat better. In contrast, abnormal pooling of food + too large meals can cause bloating, heartburn and indigestion. 


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