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Home remedies for colds and flu

Homemade ways to prevent and treat colds and flu

Most people think that for the common cold and flu to blame bacteria and viruses, but he certainly know the people who are healthy when everyone at work and at home are suffering from a cold or the flu.

Note! These people with wydolnemu immune system can defend itself against virus attack, and decide proper diet, lifestyle and stress, because it is they have a decisive influence on the state of our immune system.

Cold as a natural way to detoxify the body

Hardly anyone knows that a cold or flu is one of the ways to detoxify your body. When your immune system has been weakened by poor diet, stress, overwork or lack of rest, cold or flu can detoxify your body by fever, runny nose.


Immune system disorders are closely related to what we eat every day.

Note! Inflict the greatest damage to simple sugars that impair the function of white blood cells. The next "pest" are products of animal origin (meat and processed dairy products) because they contain toxins, bacteria, hormones, pesticides and antibiotics impair our immune system. Also avoid any products that contain synthetic dyes smell and taste enhancers, preservatives and synthetic oils. 


This is another factor increasing susceptibility to infections, because during stressful situations are released hormones that cause shrinking of the thymus and a decrease in immunological activity.

Note! The greater the stress you are subject the more you are exposed to a variety of infections. 

As home remedies will prevent and cure the common cold and the flu?

First of all, you have to put on a diet. This is the key to maintaining health. Avoid products such as:

  • sugar, alcohol, processed dairy products and meat.

Drink plenty of herbal teas, water and fruit juices.

Every day, eat vegetables:

  • green (spinach, green peas, broccoli, etc..) and orange (carrot, pumpkin, etc..), which will provide you with large amounts of beta-carotene.

Take care of good health, leisure, regular life, a sufficient amount of sleep.

Garlic in the fight against colds and flu

The plant is very potent antiviral and antibacterial. Freshly grated has antibacterial properties, even against bacteria resistant to common antibiotics. Garlic protects against flu virus and stimulates the production of antibodies.

Note! Eat it the best in the rough. You can also take garlic capsules or extract of garlic. When applying garlic capsules 10 capsules should be taken within the first six hours.

Vitamin C

This is the most effective supplement for combating colds.

Note! Numerous studies have shown that people taking high doses of vitamin C less and less suffer from cold.

In addition to antibacterial and antiviral effects of vitamin C has immunostimulatory properties. It stimulates stimulates white blood cells, increasing the level of interferon (a group fighting the virus proteins, secreted by leukocytes).

Note! The effective dose of vitamin C for an adult is 10,000 -20.000 milligrams per day in 3-6 doses. Keep this dose until the infection resolves (usually 2-5 days).

Herbs in the treatment of colds and flu

Effectively stimulate the immune system. Acting antiviral and anti-inflammatory. Strengthen the body's defense system:

  • echinacea, goldenseal, licorice, elderberry, St. John's wort and astragalus.

You can combine these herbs or use them individually as infusions.


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