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Fat free diet plan

Fat free diet
It involves avoiding animal fats. Vegetable fats are much healthier and that is what it should be used. Grape seed oil, olive oil, sunflower oil is not only healthy fats, but also to enrich the taste of food.

Polyps of the colon and rectum

The rectumandlarge intestine
Polyps are growths found in the rectum and large intestine, which arose from the epithelium and connective tissue. Due to the shape divided into polyps pedunculated, squat and villi, which shows the figure below.

1000 calories diet

1000 calorie diet plan
This is the most famous and most recommended effective way to lose weight. At the start before a good start to a diet of 1000 kcal apply first for a week you should save everything you eat, every meal and snack. In this diet is recommended to reduce the amount of products containing so-called. "empty calories" and "calorie bombs", which is a large amount of fat, sweets, fatty meats, sausages and cheeses (especially yellow), beer, alcohol.

The best diet

What kind of diet to choose?
Among the latestdietcomes firstDASH.Two years ago,itwas hailed asthe bestdietin the world.Scientists have shownthat it reducesthe risk of diabetes, reducesexcess calories, andthus-pounds.It is alsowell balanced.

Trouble digesting food

Inulin for digestive problems and constipation
Inulin, the component present in many foods. It cleanses the body and helps weight loss. If you are a person who complains of digestive problems, constipation, and besides gain weight, have little energy and mineral deficiencies, all these problems can be solved inulin.

Easily digestible food

Easily digestible diet menuThis dietis used inthe most commondiseasesof the digestive system, but it plays an importantrolealsoin the preventionof many diseases.Easily digestibledietis a simplemodification ofthe basicnutrition.It is easilydigestible, if there is noindicationof additionaldietaryshould provideus withthe same amountof energyof all thenutrientsandas it isin the correctnutritionof healthy people.

Healthiest bread to eat

What is the healthiest bread?
Until recently, used to eat more than 100 kg of bread per person per year, and today the bread we reach for much less. A pity. Each bread provides us energy has little fat, protein and starch (carbohydrate), which gently and slowly raises the blood glucose level, giving a feeling of satiety.

Why eat eggs?

Healthy egg
Egg is considered the best natural source of bioactive ingredients. Once notorious (thought to be the main culprit of high cholesterol in the blood), fortunately, has been rehabilitated.

Herbs for better digestion

Improve your metabolism
The abundance of Christmas table really tempting, but shrunken stomach can not handle yourself with too much food. When you see the pain, bloating and other symptoms, you should reach for herbs and spices.

Copenhagen diet

Slimming diet Copenhagen Principles of diet Copenhagen Lunch and dinner can change each other, if it took place on the same day. The intention is to change the diet Copenhagen metabolism, which leads to the fact that after 13 day you can eat normally without fear of weight gain during the first two years.

How to improve immunity?

As a simple way to improve immunity?
Do you want to squirt energy? Enter into your daily diet whole wheat and whole grains. For dinner - instead of potatoes, white rice or pasta - choose different kinds of cereal.

Healthiest diet in the world

As diet is the healthiest? The principles of the Mediterranean diet
With this diet you can not only lose weight, but also take care of your heart. It should be to limit the consumption of red meat and processed meat (up to 2 times per week). Animal fats are replaced by the plant (should constitute 90% of the diet).

How to live and function of liver disease?

Life and functioning of liver disease
Proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins in the liver are in various states of biochemical transformations. Therefore, for the treatment and operation of the sick, inefficient liver is very important to proper diet. Let's examine how to care for a sick liver, and most importantly, how well the function of the liver disease.

How to prevent anemia?

How to improve the absorption of iron by the body?
Iron is a very important element for our body. He is involved in the transport of oxygen and carbon dioxide, helps rid the body of toxins, it is necessary for the proper functioning of the immune system.

Good sleep hygiene

Hygiene great sleep - practical lessons
(1) The car, which is in the garage, does not have a full Baku. Similarly, someone who does not have the purpose, does not need a lot of manpower to life. Here is the first lesson of perfect sleep.

Inflammation of the colon mucosa

Problems with colon With this ailment helps drinking yeast 1 tablespoon of yeast in half a glass of water, boil and drink cold at night. For this use herbs and Swedish in addition to breakfast eat 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseed, 4 tablespoons of bran or wheat germ, 2 tablespoons of corn flakes, parsley, cumin, marjoram flooded with hot milk. To this add 1 tablespoon raisins.