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Good sleep hygiene

Hygiene great sleep - practical lessons

(1) The car, which is in the garage, does not have a full Baku. Similarly, someone who does not have the purpose, does not need a lot of manpower to life. Here is the first lesson of perfect sleep.

Believe it or not, but I noticed that I wake up more easily and sleep less during the day if I have to do something important; something that gives me just fun, meet my ambitions is important for me and other people.

If you have an important goal, the achievement makes you happy, naturally you will sleep less and wake up without effort.

(2) What to do before bedtime to improve its quality. Hmm, what most people do? Viewing serial or some other megahit television. Playing computer games. He works late into the night.

My experience shows that it is best to sleep after twenty minutes walk in the fresh air or light jogging. At this stage of development can not walk the longer evenings, and run. And there for 20 minutes, and 45 Someone who does not do sports regularly, you should start by walking. First, short,b and then extended. First calm, then vigorous..

What to remember for a walk? The most important rule: to breathe only through your nose. I remember what he said Professor K. P. Buteyko: "For the lips should breathe as often as we eat through your nose."

(3) When you go to sleep. There is a ridiculous belief to go to sleep is always a fixed time.  That's not tip on the watch knows when you go to sleep , and your own body wise .

It means so much that the bed lie down when we feel sleepy. When your body sends these signals you to not react.

If you ignore it, it ends up like this, you're wasting in bed half an hour, an hour or more. Putting up without feeling drowsy upon request you lose time that could be used for something useful.

Here are the first three lessons, which probably will not read anywhere else. Often the front and back cover are the two best parts of books about health. Always willing to try out everything and I'm never happy result of these tests . This valuable practical lessons that show you what really works and what is the linden tree.

Tested ways to better sleep

High quality sleep virtually guarantees a higher quality of waking life, no two sentences. Let us look at what else you can do to make your dream was deeper and more refreshing.

Before presenting the next three lessons, first lesson comment to number two.

Someone may wonder . . . why should walk or light run improves the quality of sleep? Explain. During the movement, particularly intense in the body increases the level of carbon dioxide.

Higher levels of carbon dioxide causes the ubiquitous oxygen in the bloodstream detached from hemoglobin, which carries it, and reaches the brain, heart, liver and all organs in your body. Put simply, oxygenation organism. Because hypoxia , or oxygen shortage at the cellular level is a primary cause of many diseases (including insomnia) to improve or decrease oxygenation of all symptoms disappear.

In addition, physical activity before going to bed off even severe headache, because the higher the concentration of carbon dioxide dilates blood vessels, and it is the contraction of these vessels is responsible for the pain. (Reminder: Carbon dioxide is the most potent vasodilator compound vessel, about which science knows ).

Ok, forward.

(4) What to eat for dinner and what time so as not to disturb sleep. Old and wise: Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar. In the evening, the body does not need a lot of energy from food, so it is wise not to overeat.

More than 170 Russian doctors, who in collaboration with Professor KP Buteyko developed a sophisticated program to improve health, suggests that the best time for a light dinner is 6 hours before going to bed. It is a recommendation for relatively healthy people who have no problem with malnutrition cells and feeling of hunger. In contrast, someone with average health should eat dinner before 19:00 at the latest.

(5) Best position during sleep. What is our goal? Better sleep . How to achieve better sleep? By better oxygenation of the body. How to achieve the best oxygenation? Among other things, by the position that best oxygenates.

K. P. Buteyko over the long-term study of respiratory discovered that the item on the stomach and on the left side is best to prevent hyperventilation, so best to ensure an adequate level of oxygenation.

Privately never fall asleep in a different position, I put always on the left side and almost always on the left to wake up.

(6) What to do in bed to sleep in an instant. Yes - this is what you thought of the wall - concrete is a good way , ha- ha! But let me introduce another, which you may not know. In my case (and I think I am no exception), nothing works better as muscle relaxation and focusing attention on the breath. When the body reaches a certain degree of relaxation, I fall asleep almost in one minute.

I can already predict when it will happen, because I recognize the level of relaxation, where off my consciousness and fall asleep. Fascinating experience.

Of course, there are plenty of other things that affect the quality of sleep . Temperature, the angle of inclination of the beds, linen fabric (natural or synthetic), the hardness of the mattress, to name just a few.

(7) Fabric quilts and bedding. The man who is sick, do not feel the negative impact of synthetic fabric on the flora of the skin or nervous system. The man who is healthy, not so - feel .

Among the many fabrics that covered the me in bed, none of them is equal to the wool cashmere. Fluffy, light, soft. Responds to temperature changes. Shrinks when it's cold; expands when hot. The most interesting feature, however, is to neutralize the positive ions.

Why is this important property? Since positive ions deregulate nervous system, or more precisely the communication between nerve cells. Which leads to an excess of positive ions? For headache, fatigue and lowered immunity, not to mention many others. Therefore, wool cashmere dubbed pro-health.

Among the many good news, there is one evil. Wool cashmere wool is spun, is one of the most expensive natural fibers .

(8) The quality of the air in the bedroom. If you're in the bedroom carpet, long curtains or bookshelves, while sleeping breathe dust particles, dust mites, derived from the proteins and other unwanted substances.

Japan is a nation of long-lived. Currently, Japan is in first place in the world rankings of life expectancy - informed the Japanese Ministry of Health based on data from Japan and 48 other countries and Hong Kong. One of the factors that contribute to their health, the environment in which they live. . . and sleep.

Characterized by the simplicity of Japanese Bedrooms: hardwood floors, no carpets, no curtains, no books; only ordinary bed, blanket and bedding.

But this is nothing, if the room in your bedroom is unclean, because you have your nose. As the moist nose catches 95-99 % of viruses, bacteria, dust mites and other substances. Note , the key word: MOISTURE. If the nose is dry , not so well already collects dust mites, because there is no layer of mucus, which they catch.

This leads me to the next application. . .

(9) The temperature in the bedroom. Over 80 % of people sleeping in too high a temperature. Dries the mucous membranes in the respiratory tract and thus causes filtration of air that reaches the alveoli.

If the heat transfer is abnormal (the body can not give additional heat, which emits a radiator), we begin to breathe deeply, to eliminate excess heat from exhaled air. This results in hyperventilation which in turn is responsible for all the tissues of hypoxia human body at the deepest level: the cellular level.

Therefore, if you are healthy, I encourage you to cool the bedroom, for example, by opening the windows for the night. In the winter, you can open the window and at the same time unscrew the radiator that it was too cold. The perfect temperature is the one at which the nose is suitably moist and can comfortably sleep.

There is one exception: sick people should be careful with the lower temperatures. Their immune system is weak, which can lead to colds. In extreme cases, even slightly cool breeze can end existence a few days in bed with a thermometer in her mouth and wagon tissues handy.

(10) Breathing 100 % through the nose. To provide maximum protection from dust and mites and maximum oxygenation of the body during sleep, without discussion should breathe only through your nose.

The best effective way to provide breathing through the nose is sticking paragraph surgical tape. At a time when eliminated the habit of breathing through the mouth, I taped them Micropore 3M tape. It is hypoallergenic, gentle, soft, safe adhesive - does not irritate even the most sensitive skin.

The idea of the tape may seem to the space, but you must decide what is more important - 'strangeness ' or health? The difference between breathing through the nose and mouth during sleep, is like day and night . Man begins to sleep less, sleep becomes more restorative, and the body more free from dangerous dust mites.

Plus, you will naturally sleep less and better if you cleanse your body of toxins, because the detoxification process consumes enormous energy resources.


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