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How to prevent anemia?

How to improve the absorption of iron by the body?

Iron is a very important element for our body. He is involved in the transport of oxygen and carbon dioxide, helps rid the body of toxins, it is necessary for the proper functioning of the immune system.

Note! The symptoms of iron deficiency (anemia) is a feeling of chronic fatigue, drowsiness, headache, trouble concentrating, pale skin. Excessive hair loss and brittle nails can also be a sign of anemia.

Iron in meat and vegetables

The source of iron is red meat (beef and liver), vegetables (beets), and herbs such as (young nettle), pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.

Note! However, if you drink them tea or coffee, meat or dairy you add the eggs, and eat the seeds along with nuts (source phytate) - will learn much iron.

What helps absorb iron?

Above all, vitamin C, B ​​group, as well as copper, cobalt and manganese.

Iron nettle

Most iron are young nettle leaves that have not bloomed. Top collect them in a dry, sunny days and dry in a ventilated and dark place.

Note! Harvested, dried herb store in a resealable bag, but not in a plastic bag.

Iron from beef and liver

The best source of this precious element is:
  • pork liver (18.7 mg per 100 g);
  • beef and veal.

Are also a good source of fish. Meat contains a so-called. heme iron, which is better absorbed by the body.

Note! These dishes do not sip tea or coffee. To the meat add tomatoes, broccoli, peppers and sunflower seeds.

You need vitamin C

To iron in the body can fulfill its function, it is necessary the presence of vitamin C. Therefore, turn to your diet products high in it. Vitamin C is found mainly in fruits:
  • black currants, strawberries, citrus fruits, chokeberry.

Fresh fruits you can eat before the main meal of meat or drink juice when fresh fruit absence.

Iron with pumpkin seeds and sunflower

Pumpkin and sunflower seeds are a rich source of not only iron but also vitamins and trace elements needed for its absorption.

Note! Do not mix them with nuts, just fruit - raisins, prunes, apricots, figs.

Iron plant origin

Iron of plant origin (so-called non-heme) is somewhat less absorbable by the body. You can find it in botwinie, beetroot, parsley.

Note! They should keep this in mind especially women who have heavy periods and vegetarians, because they need more iron.


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