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Easily digestible food

Easily digestible diet menu

This diet is used in the most common diseases of the digestive system, but it plays an important role also in the prevention of many diseases. Easily digestible diet is a simple modification of the basic nutrition. It is easily digestible, if there is no indication of additional dietary should provide us with the same amount of energy of all the nutrients and as it is in the correct nutrition of healthy people.

The difference between basic nutrition and feeding highly digestible lies primarily in the fact that the diet of easily digestible products should be excluded and hard to digest foods that contain relatively high in fiber, causing bloating, soaked fat remains long in the stomach, and hot spices. In addition to food preparation should be selected appropriate culinary techniques that allow you to get the food easier to digest which is not necessary for basic nutrition.

Note! The diet dietary fiber, a certain amount is needed, just that this component should come as far as possible from the young, delicate vegetables, ripe fruit, wholemeal bread wheat-type "Graham".
The fiber in the diet can be reduced or make it less irritating the digestive tract by:
  • selection of young, delicate vegetables and ripe fruit,
  • remove seeds such as tomato, squash, currants,
  • removing the skin by peeling vegetables and fruits,
  • separation of clean vegetables containing significant amounts of structural fibers such as asparagus, kohlrabi, etc.
  • cooking, which softens the fiber,
  • forced through a sieve
  • the use of treated cereal products
  • instead of coarse grits
  • small, instead of wholemeal bread
  • bread wheat, wheat - whole wheat,
  • use instead of juices and purees whole fruits and vegetables. 

Technological Notes on the preparation of food and meals for dietary supplements

For meals were accepted by us in dietetic technology much attention should be paid to spices dishes to enhance their flavor characteristics . We use mild spices allowed in nutrition easy to digest. Known culinary techniques widest application is for cooking in water or steamed. We can also use foil or baking parchment.

Note! Fat frying in a traditional manner is completely excluded from dietary supplements. However, you can "fry" such as steamed eggs. For frying on a pair, you can only use butter.
Large apply the so-called. puddings of meat, fish, pasta and rice or meat, cheese, vegetables and others. Gentleness puddings reach through accurate fragmentation products, loosening by adding the soaked bread or semolina and always whipped foam of egg white. Puddings be placed in a special closed forms which is inserted into a vessel of boiling water and boiled .

Note! For dressing, soups and sauces do not use roux of fat and flour, and thicken them flour suspension in water, flour in milk or sweet cream.
Vegetables prepared even without gravy , only "water" sprinkle flour, with addition of fresh butter.

Proposals for individual foods in the diet of easily digestible meals

Breakfast: milk soup with the addition of the authorized product flour, milk, tea or coffee with milk, cocoa weak. If the soup is served milky drink can provide tea, tea with lemon. Mixed Bread / allowed types of bread / butter, freshly prepared mayonnaise with soy oil, sunflower or olive oil with the addition of lemon juice / no mustard /. The protein product for bread can be a white cheese, cottage cheese homogenized, boiled egg soft, sausage / of allowed /, baked in foil or cold veal meatloaf. It can be added jam or honey. For this it is desirable to provide a meal seasonal vegetables or fruit juice.

Breakfast II: drink - one of these in the breakfast or fruit juice, vegetable , curd , cheese sandwich or sausage or a drink and a piece of cake yeast or other permitted on this diet / sponge cake, brioche /, milk pudding, fruit jelly, cottage cheese with apple.

Lunch: soup from the authorized products: barley soup, vegetable soup, beetroot, tomato, fruit, defatted broth, potato. Meat , fish, half meat or cheese - supply of animal protein. As a supplement - potatoes, whole, pure E , rice or boiled buckwheat groats, small delicate pasta. Vegetables cooked, raw - grated carrot, peeled tomato, lettuce with oil or sweet cream. For dessert can be a raw fruit / of allowed / compote, jelly milk or fruit , fruit drink. Tea: drink with a sandwich, drink and cake, fruit, or one of the others listed in the dinner desserts.

Dinner: cooked dish as often as possible: lazy dumplings, pudding with meat or cheese, chicken or fish in aspic, fish or meat with vegetables, risotto with meat and vegetables, sour milk with cereal or potatoes. I drink as breakfast, bread, butter. If the dish is cooked and contain animal protein supplement can be given jam or honey, if for example rice with apples must be the addition of cheese breads, meats or fish. Indicated is also the addition of vegetables , fruit or fruit juice.

Sample menu for dietary supplements

Breakfast: bread, butter, sausages hot chicken salad, jam, coffee cereal with milk.

Breakfast II: pudding with fruit juice.

Lunch: Cauliflower soup with potatoes, art meat, potatoes, carrots cooked.

Afternoon snack: cake yeast, compote of strawberries. Dinner: lazy dumplings, bread, sausage Ham, butter, tea with lemon. banana.


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