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Cleansing the liver from toxins and fecal stones

Cleansing the liver of stones

The groom liver stones select the two days in which you'll be more at home, close to the toilets and beds, to apply exactly to the following treatment.

Note! In those days, and even the day before Do not take any medications.

Treatment liver cleansing start to eat easily digestible breakfast:
  • oatmeal with fruit, fruit juice, bread, honey (you can not eat butter and milk) can be baked potato, boiled vegetables with salt.

Treatment of liver cleansing from toxins and fecal stones

From h . 14.00 - I do not eat and do not drink, because if you break the ban, there will be discomfort.

A portion of the " Epson Salt " (epsomite - magnesium sulfate around 100gr.) Mix in a dish with 3 full glasses of water . This portion will enjoy 4 times the 3/4 cup. Put this mixture in the refrigerator, because it tastes better chilled and is well absorbed by the body).

About hrs . 18.00 - Drink the first 3/4 cup cold solution previously prepared. You can rinse your mouth after drinking the water. Prepare 1/2 cup of " olive oil " (cold press expeller - first ), and a large red grapefruit, lemon or two.
About hrs . 20.00 - Drink a second time 3/4 cup of the solution "Epson Salt ".

21.45 - Pour 1/2 cup olive oil and squeeze the juice of grapefruit, or lemons. It should be all glass. Pour into a jar, close the lid and mix well by shaking him.

22.00 evening
- Drink the whole batch which have connected. Preferably slowly through a straw to drink, it should take about 15 minutes. Then lie on your back with your head above the trunk and try to fall asleep in this position.

The next morning drink between 500 and 700 the next portion of "Epson Salt " .After drinking again put to bed, waiting for a reaction  2 hours later - drink the last of the "Epson Salt" and go back to bed.

After two more hours, you can drink the juice (orange or grapefruit) and after half an hour to eat some fruit. After another hour you can not eat normal, treatment is over.

During this treatment, you need to be close to the toilet, because you excrete every now and stones through the anus. In the body (liver and large intestine is about 800-1500 stones). During the first treatment, you expel about 500 stones. It is also yet to repeat the treatment after a month, which gives further unlock the hepatic deposits and stones. And then every 3 -5 years.

Remember: Keep clean inside and live longer


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