Polyps of the colon and rectum

The rectum and large intestine

Polyps are growths found in the rectum and large intestine, which arose from the epithelium and connective tissue. Due to the shape divided into polyps pedunculated, squat and villi, which shows the figure below.

Colon polyps. a - pedunculated, b - a squat, c - villous

Why are polyps?

Most often the reason for their occurrence are genetic. This applies particularly adenomas, polyps or epithelial origin.

U of family members who have a genetic tendency for polyps, they begin to appear around the age of 20 years. If left untreated, may develop into cancer.

In disease in the colon may be staggering number of polyps. There are known cases of thousands of polyps in one patient (familial adenomatous polyposis). Just that only one or a few of them will go into the tumor to kill a man .

You should know that in people with a genetic predisposition to polyps appear in childhood outbreak of hypertrophy of the retina. Thus, a good eye doctor can warn you of the risk of polyps in your colon or your child.

Unfortunately, polyps may also occur in humans, especially after the age of 50, which no one in the family had such a condition. Well, extended life expectancy and therefore begin to lesions in the large intestine.

Just some of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract are not provided for such a long period of operation, especially if you do not szanowałeś your health. Bow to drugs and poor diet.

Treatment of polyps

The only method of healing polyps depends on their physical destruction. In the initial stage of the disease simply remove them from the rectum or colon. In more severe progression of the disease may be the need to cut out a piece of the intestine and the matter settled.

But when the polyps belittled and neglect treatment, after a few years of your growths will go into cancer. Of course, there are known cases that you are lucky and survive the severe operation.

But the inexorable statistics show that in 70% of cultured cancer polyp surely win. Frequently before you die you will experience the nightmare of an artificial anus, because your bowels will be eaten away from the inside.


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