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Copenhagen diet menu

A sample menu diet Copenhagen
Many people around world are interested in dropping a few or even several extra kilograms. This to happen it is necessary to place a strong will and an effective diet which is, for example, 13-day diet called Copenhagen.

Facial hair on women

Excessive facial hair on women - what to do?
Smooth skin is dream of every woman. Unfortunately, dark and unsightly hair, make our appearance may leave much to be desired. What is essential, we must pay attention to moment when problem is no longer confined to legs, skin, armpits and bikini area?

Quickest way to lose belly fat

Diet will help you lose belly fat
For weight loss belly responsible not only proper diet but also physical activity. Slimming diets should include carbohydrate products, dairy products and vegetables. Each of us dreams of a flat belly, but it is worth to read important information that will help you achieve this.

Yerba mate tea weight loss

Yerba mate tea helps in weight loss
Is there a drink that can help in fight against obesity? It turns out that yes - yerba mate - dried, ground leaves of yerba mate. Drink drink in a very original way in a special dish made from a gourd through a bombilla - a metal straw.

Diagnosis of metabolic syndrome

Metabolic syndrome diagnosis
To diagnose must go to the nearest lab and examine the level of triglycerides, cholesterol, glucose and perform liver tests. It applies to any person who has them meals on the run, and between fast food and sweet snacks, to spend many hours at the computer or behind the wheel, and to de-stress drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes.

Headache help

What will help a headache?
Apples are a source of approx. 300 for health-related components (in addition to potassium, such as antioxidants, iron, pectin). But the secret lies in their combination, because they reinforce each other's action.

Fundamental principles of healthy eating

10 most important and simplest principles of healthy eating
Healthy eating does not have to be difficult, and every small change in your diet is a big step to success losing extra weight, health, or simply well-being. Following the simple steps listed below to significantly improve the quality of your nutrition.

How to be assertive?

Learn basics of assertiveness
Art consciously denying an extremely valuable skill, assertiveness in everyday life is simply invaluable. It helps build valuable relationships with the environment, significantly improves quality of life. There are many techniques for developing assertiveness.