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Horehound for the treatment of liver

The use of white horehound for the treatment of liver and biliaryHorehound is a perennial that is distributed from the Canary Islands to Central Asia.

For medicinal purposes was collected from June to September, during the flowering leafy, flowering stems about halfway up, and breaks off and joins the list of countrymen and then dried in a drying natural, in the shade and the wind, spread a thin layer, or in drying slightly heated to a temperature of 35 degrees C.

Oregano for the treatment of liver

Oregano for the treatment of liver and biliary
Oregano - perennial plant of the Labiatae family, which is present in Europe, Asia Minor and Siberia. For medicinal purposes are collected from June to September, the upper, densely leafy parts of flowering shoots common oregano. They are dried naturally in the shade and przewiewie or in the dryer is heated at 35 degrees C.

Herbs Swedish

Recipe herbs Swedish
Recipe extremely popular so-called. Swedish herbs was developed by a well-known promoter of herbal medicine doc. Dr.. hab. Alexander Ozarowski. The blend consists of 11 plants.

Cumin for digestive problems

Tincture of cumin for better digestion This tincture is recommended in digestive disorders and other ailments of the gastrointestinal tract and also is used in stomach pain and liver. Reduces intestinal fermentation, eliminates flatulence, stimulates the secretion of gastric juices, increases peristalsis, acts relaxant.

How to get rid of toxins?

What helps to toxins?
Toxins tend to be quite often the cause of ailments that afflict us. Accumulate in the body for years. They can be chronic headaches, indigestion, stomach problems, brittle nails, dull and dry hair, sallow complexion and dirty, trouble sleeping, nervousness.

Tincture of cleansing the body

Tincture cleansing
Today, a very simple recipe for a tincture cleansing the body of toxins. It is recommended for the treatment of arteriosclerosis, internal bleeding, chronic gastritis and enteritis. Combats the symptoms associated with indigestion and food poisoning.

Why use milk thistle?

Why is milk thistle? The reason that this is the right job of the liver determines the proper functioning of the body, and from her fitness addicts are over 5000 functions in life and more than 500 chemical processes that take place inside our body. The liver also removes harmful toxins from the body.

Caring for your health

Preventive health
The basis for the prevention of health is aware of what is harmful to us, and protects health. Principles of a healthy life you need to follow yourself and decide what we eat, how to rest and how we succumb to addiction.

Treatment with charcoal on the liver and stomach

Charcoal for liver problems and stomach
Its high porosity, large amounts of gaps, cracks, corners, makes powdered charcoal absorbs the various harmful gases that arise eg in the intestines, also captures foreign proteins, toxic substances that the body excretes, and the remnants of metabolism or pollution reaching along with the food and the air.