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Dandelion for cleaning the organism

Treatment with dandelion cleaning the organism

A dandelion is a plant about yellow flowers which grows almost everywhere. For her stomping grounds are forest clearings, meadows and lawns.
Note! If they aren't located by the busy route, it is possible to treat such places as natural plantations and to collect dandelion to needs of family radical reforms.

Classical medicine is using leaves and roots of the dandelion. Best to collect leaves, when they are still young (best to do it in April and at the beginning of the May). Roots can be dug late in autumn, when dandelions already disappear.

A dandelion is a real strongroom of vitamins, especially: of C, B1, B2 and the beta carotene. He also very much contains many mineral salts (mainly of potassium), as well as many other connections about healing properties (among others of flavonoids).

He is being used already for the antiquity.

Conducted examinations confirmed, around dandelion:
  • he is adjusting the etching and the functioning of the liver;
  • he is cleaning the organism;
  • he is having a diuretic effect;
  • he is helping on "night blindness"
Note! With contraindication against the treatment among others allergy and the failure of the bile duct and intestines are a dandelion.

Cleaning the organism with dandelion

The dandelion effectively will clean your organism.

Wine of spices of the dandelion

Preparation: you are pouring glasses of the white wine over 50 g of dandelion roots 3 grinded down. You are putting back on 2 weeks into the dark place. Every day shake. Next drain off and pour to the dark bottle.

Drink the small glass every day (c 25 ml) before breakfast, with the dinner and the supper.

Decoction from the root of the dandelion

Preparation: you are adding 2 spoons of dandelion roots grinded down to half a litre of water being boiling. Cook farther on the small fire, under covering c 10 minutes. After cooling strain the decoction.

Drink 2-3 times a day ante cibum.

Cleaning salad of the dandelion

Preparation: Clean young leaflets of the dandelion, chop up, add dry-roasted sunflower seeds to them or of the pumpkin. Pour with the olive oil and season to taste.


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