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How to get rid of toxins?

What helps to toxins?

Toxins tend to be quite often the cause of ailments that afflict us. Accumulate in the body for years. They can be chronic headaches, indigestion, stomach problems, brittle nails, dull and dry hair, sallow complexion and dirty, trouble sleeping, nervousness.

Why are toxins?

They are everywhere: in food, polluted water. Therefore, it is difficult to avoid them, and yet they did not deliver their dose smoke cigarettes, even passively.

So get rid of toxins

The body is cleaned of toxins through the kidneys and liver. If you will aid their job well composed diet and herbs, you can effectively speed up the process.

Note! Diet should last 14-21 days. At this time, remove this option from alcohol, cigarettes and carbonated drinks, eat at fast-food outlets.

Ginger and birch to toxins

Cut into a piece of fresh ginger pour boiled, hot water, add a teaspoon of honey and a few drops of lemon juice. Drink daily for 14 days. Ginger cleanses the body and works bile creatively, supports liver.

Birch juice assisted not only the liver, but also the kidneys. It helps get rid of plaque and toxins.

An infusion of nettle, violet tricolor or St. John's wort to toxins

The infusion of violet tricolor, nettle or St. John's wort improves metabolism and helps remove toxins.

Preparation: 2 level teaspoons of any herb pour a glass of boiling water, cover and leave to strain. After cooling to drink a few sips 2-3 times a day for at least 14 days.

Rice and millet to toxins

Cleansing the body acts as boiled rice and millet. 1/2 cup of rice, add water and let stand for several hours. Then cook it without the addition of salt. Soft cooked rice or porridge to eat several times a day for 14-21 days for lunch or dinner.

This treatment also helps with infections.

Cranberry toxins

Cranberry has a really wonderful properties. Purify the kidney and improves their performance, hinders adherence of bacteria hazardous to the walls of the urinary system, not allowing for the development of infection.

It has a heavy metal binding properties, accelerating their removal from the body.


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