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Tincture of cleansing the body

Tincture cleansing

Today, a very simple recipe for a tincture cleansing the body of toxins. It is recommended for the treatment of arteriosclerosis, internal bleeding, chronic gastritis and enteritis. Combats the symptoms associated with indigestion and food poisoning.

In addition, it stimulates the secretion of gastric juices, has a bile, increases appetite and relieves toothache.

Ingredients: 30 g walnut leaves | 15 g of leaves Menyanthes trifoliata L | 15 g of leaves Cochlearia officinalis | 100 ml brandy | 2 liters of red wine grape

Preparation: put into a jar of 30 g of previously collected and dried leaves of walnut, 15 g of leaves Menyanthes trifoliata L, 15 g leaves Cochlearia officinalis. Crushing ingredients and pour 100 ml of brandy. Tightly close the jar and let it sit for a day. After this time, add 2 liters of red wine grape. Again tightly shut.

Leave in a dark, warm place for 10 days. Tincture, decant and filter through a filter paper. Pour into bottles. Closed tightly.

Dosage: drink 2 times a day tablespoon before breakfast and dinner.

Walnut tincture

This tincture strengthens, purifies the blood, expels worms. It helps in removing the pains of the stomach and intestines.

Ingredients: 10 unripe walnuts | 1 liter of vodka | sugar

Preparation: 10 green, unripe walnuts harvested in early July, which is not yet reached the hard shell, finely chop with green outer husk and give-away in a jar.

Pour one liter of vodka, Put a cork and leave for a month, until the liquid is dark brown. After this time, decant the liquid from the nut to another vessel, or by filtration through cotton gauze. Nuts charge three tablespoons of sugar and leave for 2 more weeks. The resulting sugar syrup connect with the tincture and leave to settle.


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