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How to sleep well?

9 tricks for good night's sleep Ahh, good, deep sleep. We all want it, and no one gets. You do not exaggerate when I say that insomnia is an epidemic of the XXI century, especially for people in their fifties.

Skin cleansing system

How to naturally cleanse the skin? Pretty long troubled me change the skin of hands, and the doctors could not diagnose exactly (whether psoriasis, eczema, and may stain). Even though it was said that it was incurable.

Detoxify the body

Diet detoxifying the body of toxins We live in a world like that everywhere around us, toxins, and they have a negative impact on our body and being. Most of them work quickly (such as is the case with strychnine), because a large part of them accumulate very slowly and steadily in the cells and generally give us a hard after a dozen or so years.