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Honey and the liver

Honey in the treatment of liver diseases and bile ducts
Honey has a healing effect on the liver and bile ducts. It contains valuable ingredients to improve carbohydrate, protein, fat and vitamin metabolism, and it also transfers the compounds resulting from these changes.

Symptoms of liver pain

As revealed liver pain?
The first sign that our liver is down a nasty crease in the right side. As a result of the increase oppressed are adjacent organs, and therefore felt it unpleasant for us crease.

Treatment of indigestion

How to treat indigestion?
The food that you eat, it takes nearly two days to pass through your digestive system, and if you eat too much of it in the digestive tract does the "crowd," and that hinder digestion and getting rid of waste products along with the toxins.

Diet for fatty liver

Fatty liver - diet
Fatty liver is a disease involving accumulation of fat droplets within the liver cells (ie hepatocytes). It's a disease, and encourages her overweight, hypertension, lipid disorders, obesity, and type 2 diabetes.

Hepatic colic

Hepatic colic attack
You are at a party or a party. We are happy to have tried all the listed foods eaten yet and no dessert, and finally drank a little (for better digestion).

Herbs for gallstones

Herbs in the treatment of gallstones
Bile is a secretion, excretion and also the liver, which contains compounds needed for our body as waste products, as well as physiological foreign trade.

Treatment of gallstones

How to treat gallstones?
Cholelithiasis is a disease that may not manifest pain. People who know that they suffer from this condition should eat regularly, do not use starvation and dramatic weight loss diets.

What to eat the diseased liver?

Liver diet menu Adequate food is one of the most important treatment for liver disease.

     Note! Proper diet can prevent most of the diseases of this organ.

Best for people who suffer from liver is highly digestible diet with restriction of fats.

Things I do not like liver

Liver problems
The liver is theorganextremelypatient. It regeneratesquickly anddoes not hurtbecausethe painother organsreactoppressed bygrowingtheliver.
Most peopledo not think aboutyourliver andcommitscrimes againsther health.

Toogreasyfoodharmsthe liver