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Paleo diet plan

A healthy diet ancestors The founder of the Paleo diet is considered scientist Dr. Lorena Cordain, which he claims that the diet was not invented by any man, but by nature.

The macrobiotic diet

Cleansing and slimming diet macrobiotic If you want to cleanse your body and additionally lose 3-4 kg in less than two weeks, then take a macrobiotic diet. It has very simple rules.

For better digestion

Perfect digestion in 4 steps
First things first - do a little experiment?

ONCE Read that sentence, close your eyes and imagine your house.

Easy, is not it? Most people are familiar with your home pretty, pretty.

Healthy yogurt

Why should you eat yogurt?Yogurt is a dairy product healthiest and the food will bring your body to the same benefits. That's why today you will learn all the benefits and you'll find that it might be worthwhile every day.

How to clean the pancreas?

Treatment Cleansing pancreas
The pancreas is a gland that regulates the digestion of carbohydrates and fat and also requires periodic purification and prophylaxis. The second half of the summer is the most appropriate time for pancreatic treatment.

Why are fruits and vegetables healthy?

Fruits and vegetables help maintain health
Vegetables and fruits are healthy. Still we hear, and what it actually means? Selecting them in the store, pay attention not only of whether they are fresh, but also follow their color, because it will help you to accurately identify their health properties.

Functional Foods

What kind of materials to enrich your diet?
Functional food - food that has been fortified with substances with medicinal properties. These are the components of food products, which proved to have a positive effect on improving the health, well-being, and that reduce the risk of various diseases.