How to treat liver and gallbladder

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Cleanse tea

Body cleansing teas

Cleansing drink teas start in march and drink it until may. You can draw a number of herbs, eg .: birch leaves, herb horsetail, nettle, linden flower, elder flower, flower Lamium album L., Leonurus cardiaca L herb, St. John's wort, knotweed, rhizomes of couch grass, dandelion roots, leaves, walnut....

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Fiber rich diet

Slimming with fiber

Today, fast weight loss program. You do not have to toil to get the effect of a flat stomach. Simply enter the daily diet drinks rich in fiber. It stimulates the digestive system to work, accelerate the peristalsis ... and already after 2 days of notice a positive change.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Constipation children

Constipation in children causes and treatment

Chronic constipation is a condition in which bowel movements are less frequent than once every three days, and the consistency is hard. Defecation accompanied by rectal pain that causes fear of passing stool. Excessive overflow of residual fecal colon causes abdominal pain.

Causes of constipation in children

Friday, January 2, 2015

What is trans fat?

Harmful trans fats

Confectionery and pastry often added is called. confectionery fat. It really trans fats, or trans fatty acids, which are formed in the curing process of vegetable oils by hydrogenation (addition of hydrogen under pressure). It is also necessary presence of a substance that accelerates the reaction, and that is a nickel catalyst.