How to treat liver and gallbladder

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Cleansing the stomach

Cleansing diet stomach

The characteristic peel eggplant contains antimicrobial agents which have the capacity to purify the stomach and intestinal mucosa of harmful bacteria. Seeds of eggplant perfectly clean mucus from the digestive tract of harmful bacteria and small worms. In addition, it contains tartronic which regulates the metabolism of good lipids (fats).

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Why are fruits and vegetables healthy?

Fruits and vegetables help maintain health

Vegetables and fruits are healthy. Still we hear, and what it actually means? Selecting them in the store, pay attention not only of whether they are fresh, but also follow their color, because it will help you to accurately identify their health properties.

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Functional Foods

What kind of materials to enrich your diet?

Functional food - food that has been fortified with substances with medicinal properties. These are the components of food products, which proved to have a positive effect on improving the health, well-being, and that reduce the risk of various diseases.

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