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Acai benefits

Acai berry benefits
Acai berry has enormous antioxidant potential. The research proved that contain much more highly active antioxidants than red grapes and up to 30 times more than red wine.

How to have a better memory?

Diet for a better memory and concentration
Not all food products will serve our brain. Which choose?

The most important for brain are protein and good carbohydrates. The best source of protein is lean meat. Avoid fatty meats, as contained in their cholesterol damages blood vessels and impairs blood supply of the brain.

Skin lesions

Skin changes Most often these are changes that are called moles: the skinin one place meet a lot of pigment cells (melanocytes). They are harmless, but you have to watch them, because of a harmless mole can develop melanoma, malignant skin cancer.

Signs of colic

Colic - why do you get?
Colic in the middle of the abdomen Growing for many hours, and pain in the middle of the abdomen is one of the symptoms of acute pancreatitis. It can wrap the waist and radiate to the back or increase from one side. There are also nausea and fever.