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What helps with a hangover?

What will help to "New Year's Eve hangover"?
The effects of the next day's syndrome, which occurs after drinking alcohol, you can minimize when you prepare for an all-night party. First of all, before rum fun, eat nutritious dish. Quite greasy and full of food slows the effects of alcohol and accelerates its naturalization. And thus you can expect less headaches and other ailments.

Remove hemorrhoids

Minimally invasive method of removing hemorrhoids
Small haemorrhoids is the vascular strands which form a small bulge in the rectal mucosa. When everything is working properly, the relaxation of the sphincter muscle of hemorrhoids blood backs up into the arteries, allowing defecating.

Healthy dinner

Recipe for a healthy and light dinner I would like to propose to you today zucchini pancakes. They are very delicious. Very quickly it gets. If they are eaten in smaller amounts, it is possible to eat them as a light dinner, but if you like vegetarian lunch can also be enjoyed as a side dish or main dish for example. Options for lunch, if you like.