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Remove hemorrhoids

Minimally invasive method of removing hemorrhoids

Small haemorrhoids is the vascular strands which form a small bulge in the rectal mucosa. When everything is working properly, the relaxation of the sphincter muscle of hemorrhoids blood backs up into the arteries, allowing defecating.

Note! The problem begins when the nodules will physiological inflammation. They are getting swollen, bloodshot, less flexible, not empty completely from the blood. Then the patient begins to experience symptoms of the disease known as varicose veins anus.

Methods for removing hemorrhoids

The latest minimally invasive surgical techniques make the problem of hemorrhoids can deal with only a few days.

Note! The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and is painless for the patient.

Removal of hemorrhoids by Barron

It is based on the assumption of elastic bands at the root nodule compression, which reduces the blood supply. As a result, hemoroid slowly dies and falls off after a while. The procedure is done under local anesthesia, tra from a few to several minutes, and the patient on the same day he comes home.

Laser removal of hemorrhoids

Small nodules can be removed by laser. His light destroys hemoroid nourishing dishes.

Removal of hemorrhoids electrocoagulation

The treatment involves the use of power 60W, which damages the tissue at the base of the nodule. After surgery, the patient will experience little pain, discomfort, accompanied by spotting and bleeding. Treatment is subjected to only one lump.

Note! Another can be removed only after the formation of scar tissue from the previous.

Removal of hemorrhoids with liquid nitrogen (cryotherapy)

The treatment inhibits blood flow and causes ischemia of the nodule, which leads to the necrosis. Outpatient treatment. Freezing time is 2-5 seconds, during one shall be subjected to freezing treatment 1-2 nodules. The method is used to treat small hemorrhoids.


The procedure treats small hemorrhoids. Been injected around the nodule special preparation. With time, a clot and hemoroid drops.

Test for hemorrhoids

Check if you can threaten hemorrhoids?

1. Do you suffer from frequent constipation?


2. Are you sitting for hours at work and at home?


3. Can you move a little, not playing sports?


4. Do you have more than 50 years old, you are obese?


5. Do you eat highly processed products with a small amount of fiber?


6. Do you have high blood pressure or cardiovascular disorders?


If most of the questions you answered yes, you may have cause for concern, because you threaten to hemorrhoids. By the way, ask more doctor who will implement appropriate treatment and (if necessary) will direct you to the appropriate diagnostic tests.


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