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Exercise for stress

How to deal with stress?

Are you nervous? Take care of oxygenation of the body. Dodge the window and start working. Use exercises that make you feel better with.

Deep breathing to relieve stress

Breathe deeply as .... as a child, and you will feel a surge of physical and mental energy. Lie on your back on a blanket or mat. Bend your legs slightly. Place your hands on your stomach spine up, so you can feel like working diaphragm during breathing.

Slowly pull the air through the nose, let flow through the trachea and lungs to the lower abdomen. Feel the diaphragm rises. Then make a long, slow exhalation.

Active repeat 5-10 times.

Loud cry to stress

It should give a loud sound. In the first reaction you to defend themselves, unaccustomed to making noise just like that ... but try to get a break. Get into a deep breath, so that swelled the diaphragm, and definitely shout ha! Already after the first time you will feel relief.

Do this a total of 4-5 times.

A series of excavations to stress

Vigorous movements of the legs belong to the group of so-called exercise. aerobic, which causes acceleration of the heart rate and breathing, while lowering blood pressure. Reduce mental stress, improve mood, increase the efficiency of the body, and to additionally increase fat burning. Dynamic lift and throw in front of him one time, once the second leg.

Repeat 4-5 times.

Free overhang stress

Exercise recommended by specialists from yoga. It is very regenerating, calms and relaxes. Stand up straight on your feet slightly apart (feet hips width). Then slowly bend forward. Try to leave your head as low as possible, preferably at the height of the knee.

You can pull the most spine. Lower the free hands (palms can be laced) or, if you are able, lean them against the floor. Wait 1-2 minutes and straighten up.

Repeat 3-4 times.

Ball in the oppression of stress

Best buy yourself a special anti-stress beforehand, eg. In a toy store progressive (approx. 5 zł). You can also use a small sponge or towel or piece of any material. The idea is that you can take this thing in hand and squeeze firmly several dozen times.

With this simple act you have the chance to release tension in the absence of the conditions for the performance of other exercises. On the occasion of the wrist muscles bulk up.

Note! During compression balls do not hold your breath.


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