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Lemon detoxification

Treatment Body cleansing lemon Purification of lemon performed in order to stimulate the production of bile and removal from the body of uric acid. Lemon is one of the strongest solvents and detoxification created by nature itself. At the beginning, it dissolves deposits then regenerates.

Milk thistle for liver

Properties of Milk ThistleMilk thistle is an herb that has been used in ancient Greece and Rome. Conducted so far more than 300 scientific studies that confirmed the efficacy of milk thistle, especially in the treatment of liver disease.

Liver weight loss

How to slim down my liver?
First of all, you need to set aside animal fat, especially lard, butter and cream, as well as reduce the amount of carbs, ie bread, groats, rice and pasta and sugar them spicy.

Your liver to regenerate so skinny dairy, meat and boiled vegetables, especially the legumes (peas, lentils).

Healthy gall bladder

It is not indispensable, but it's worth it to have a long life, because in order to enjoy a healthy gallbladder do not have to bend over backwards.

Just putting a few positive changes in your diet.

Liver detoxifier

How to detoxify the liver
Did you know that 25% of the liver after removal you will grow back? Not reassuring, however, too soon.

You also need to know that your liver can be seriously damaged if you force me to over-exertion, which will be called: