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Help losing weight

Spices help to lose weight

How to speed up digestion?

Herbal spices have a good effect on the stomach, liver and intestines. Thanks to speed up digestion and prevents bloating after meals. They have another advantage: so strongly emphasize the natural taste of food that can successfully replace the salt, the limit is conducive to maintaining a slim figure :)

Thyme for better digestion

You can use fresh or dried - almost anything. Especially recommended for meat stuffing, pies, soups, meats, dishes with onions and beans.

It's also a great seasoning for homemade bread, herb mayonnaise and butter. Thyme has a strong flavor, so do not go overboard with the amount.

Note! You can add it at the beginning of cooking - does not lose flavor under heat.

Oregano for better digestion

Dried leaves of this popular zila are more flavorful fresh. Ideally suitable for fried, baked and grilled meats. Oregano is an indispensable addition to pasta sauces and pizza.

Basil for better digestion

It is called tomato herb because it tastes exceptionally well with this vegetable, but also tastes great in the company of eggplant, zucchini and spinach.

With fresh basil, you can prepare the famous pesto sauce:

     bunch of herbs, chop and mash with olive oil, some garlic and a spoon of ground peanuts pini.

Pasta cooked to hard fields  with the addition of such a sate sauce and do not make you fat.

Lovage for better digestion

It stimulates circulation, boosts energy. It is the basis of the famous Maggi seasoning. Fresh fit for soups, sauces, cottage cheese and salads.

Note! Oregano, thyme and basil are the basic components of a traditional blend of Provencal herbs. Others are rosemary, savory and tarragon. Simply mix the herbs and ready :)

How to help burn fat?

Spice with a pungent taste are the source of the ingredients, which can speed up metabolism by as much as 10%, which means that replacing their food spicy, you can effortlessly burn daily in addition approx. 200 kcal.

Chilli peppers help burn fat

This source capsaicin, substances with a characteristic, burning taste. According to scientists, it is a valuable health properties is (works among antyrakowo), and also supports weight loss.

It accelerates the processing of sugars into energy, prevents the accumulation of body fat, reduces appetite for greasy and sweet food. Dishes seasoned with chili pepper and give a warm feeling of satiety for a long time.

Works great in all sorts of sauces (eg. The salsa, chutney) to meats, pasta or pizza. Chilli is a component of, among others, curry powder, Tabasco sauce and sambal oelek.

Cayenne pepper helps burn fat

This is nothing but dried and powdered seeds and pods of different varieties of chillies. The sharp taste (somewhat milder than in the classic chilli) and slimming properties also owes capsaicin.

Add it to the meat, fish, sauces (especially cheese), and even omelets or hard-boiled eggs.

Note! Pungency chilies soften the parsley or coriander. If you add too much chilli to add and you feel burning in your throat, drink a few sips of milk or take a bite of something greasy. Water will strengthen baking.

Black pepper helps burn fat

It is the source of a substance called piperine, and it was she who gives it a distinctive flavor and aroma. Scientific studies have confirmed that piperine blocks the formation of new fat cells.

It also strengthens the effects of other spices slimming. Most valuable property retains ground pepper directly on the finished dish.

How to reduce the feeling of hunger?

Until recently it was thought that the spices with an intense flavor and aroma increase appetite and were told that for the duration of your diet to give them up. Today we know that the opposite is true: seasoned dishes stare upon them for longer, reducing also feel like snacking between meals.

Note! They also have other properties suitable for a figure.

Ginger reduces appetite

It is a source of essential oil, gingerol, which accelerates the burning of the most persistent tłuszczyku stored on the abdomen and internal organs.

Ginger also prevents water retention in the body and the formation of edema, which have not once we feel fatter than we are in reality.

Raw grated ginger should be added to the fatty meats, for example. Duck, pork. The ground and fits perfectly sweet dishes: biscuits, cakes, fruit salads, baked apples.

Mustard reduces appetite

Its inconspicuous spherical grains are used primarily for the production of spices, but also ... drugs that aid digestion and diuretics.

A decoction of mustard protein is an effective remedy for constipation that annoy people who are overweight (1 tablespoon of seeds, pour a cup of water and simmer for 5 minutes. Drink 1/2 cup after a meal).

Cinnamon reduces appetite

Already 1/4 teaspoon of this spice reduces the risk of a sharp increase in blood sugar levels helps to avoid attacks of hunger. Cinnamon should not only be replacing sugary, but also hard, especially with a well-formulated with pepper, garlic and nutmeg.

Turmeric reduces appetite

It has a delicate spicy flavor and aroma. It facilitates the digestion of fats, and is especially recommended for people who have problems with the gallbladder.

Highlight the great taste of chicken soup, scrambled eggs, stews of meat and vegetables.

Note! Essential oils of the yellow spice (eg. Ginger, cinnamon) are a valuable component of cosmetic slimming and firming.


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