Sick liver

Liver - which should you get to see a doctor?

Drowsiness, big weakness, lack of appetite or frequent nausea and bitter taste in the mouth. These are symptoms that should worry you and get to see a doctor.

Note! Each of these symptoms is typical of the diseased liver. Therefore, you need as soon as possible to do the research.

A blood test

The state provides the level of liver enzymes ALT her (aspartate aminotransferase). Exceeding the signal is developing inflammation. Research also ALP (alkaline phosphatase), the level of which increases as a result of obstruction of the bile ducts and liver cirrhosis.

Note! Cholinesterase also provides for hepatic steatosis.

The diagnostics are also important parameters of blood coagulation and bilirubin. To rule on the background of autoimmune inflammation also examines antinuclear antibodies (ANA1).

How to detect infection?

It should be determined in the blood of HCV antibodies, and the dehydrase (LDH, LD) - shows the growth of the liver cell damage due to viral infection.

Note! Research is also conducted anti-HBS. Increased evidence of infection with hepatitis B.


The execution of this test allows the assessment of liver size and structure of its flesh. The doctor can then detect abnormally enlarged vessels, and even aneurysms, tumors, and any changes that may appear on the surface of the liver (eg. Cysts).


Examination of X-rays (sometimes administered intravenously contrast), estimated the construction of the liver and biliary patency. CT is helpful in the diagnosis of liver cancer, cirrhosis and steatosis.

A liver biopsy

Slice the liver parenchyma is charged with the needle and sent to investigate. With biopsy to detect cancer cells, hepatitis, steatosis and liver, excess bilirubin threatening jaundice.

You can not underestimate the

The liver is not innervated and not hurt even very sick.

Note! Only when significantly expands, compressing the surrounding area of tissue. Disorders of the organ may, however, provide other symptoms, such as. Changes in appearance. These are the circles under the eyes or swollen eyelids. With more advanced disease, there may be yellowing of the skin, swelling around the ankles, and even ascites.

One of the seemingly unrelated to liver symptoms are also unusual headaches, often felt like squeezing the entire skull.

Note! Any of the above symptoms can not be ignored, and to rule out the disease, just in case it is worth to do abdominal ultrasound.

The biggest threat to the liver

These are all the toxins and produce some of the most poisonous mushrooms. Not damaged by the liver has no chance of recovery.

Note! Deadly toxins can also occur in edible mushrooms when they are kept too long or stored in a plastic bag.

There are dangerous drugs (e.g.. Paracetamol and ibuprofen).


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