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I can not sleep

What to do as you can not sleep?

Sleep primarily allows us to regenerate. During sleep, followed by accelerated cell renewal. Are regenerated when all organs, skin, muscles and even bones. Sleep also fixes our brain.

 It also strengthens our immune system. During sleep, the blood is separated most of immune bodies that fight germs.

Important! The number of lymphocytes upholding the immune system, decreases three times when we are sleepy.
The studies confirm even that the more sleep, the less the risk of cancers. This is related to melatonin - a hormone regulating sleep patterns and prevent cancer.

Sen also regulates blood pressure. During deep sleep decreases blood pressure, blood circulates better, and our heart is resting.

It protects us against diabetes. According to research, people who sleep more than seven hours a day rarely have diabetes, and this is because of sleep improves the secretion of insulin in the body.

Sleep also prevents depression. Researchers found that depression, anxiety and other disorders occur 40 times less frequently in people who have trouble sleeping.

Adult sleep phase

Stage 1 - sleep transition.

This is the phase between wakefulness and sleep, it takes only a few minutes and occurs just before falling asleep.

Stage 2 - the dream of the plate.

Then there is a complete shutdown of consciousness.

Stage 3 - SWS.

Our body then regenerates and very difficult to wake up now.

REM sleep - when we dream.

The brain organizes all learned during the day information.

After it starts a new cycle of sleep.

How healthy sleep?

Note! First of all, make the bedroom served healthy relaxation.

What can I do to get rid of sleepless nights?

We look to your bedroom. The windows should not go on a busy street. If you can not move to another room, then you need to invest in soundproof windows.

Bedroom walls should be painted in a soft, calm colors. You should also take care of rubber curtains or blinds that absorb light.

Note! The bedroom is absolutely essential to remove the TV and loudly ticking clocks.

Now it's time for a comfy bed :)

It does not have to be expensive, but it should be stable and robust.

Note! The most important in bed is a mattress. The ideal is one that does not collapse under the weight of our body, but it should slightly bend at the hips and shoulders.

For this you need to invest in a good pillow. It may be a feather or a special contribution for allergy sufferers.

Note! Airbag primarily must be of suitable shape and thickness.

This works as follows:

  • Lie on your side - your spine should be in line with the head and neck.

People who have back problems should think of special pillows that you can buy in the store rehabilitation.

It helps you fall asleep in the evening

You should check the temperature.

Note! According to experts the best sleep when the room temperature is 18 degrees Celsius.

Is also important that the room was thoroughly ventilated, so even in the winter before going to bed, open the window wide. In winter, the air in our homes is often dry. Then a good option is to suspend radiators stoneware or place a humidifier in the bedroom.

You can not sleep during the day.

Note! If you already necessary to regenerate, then you can afford at most 15 minutes nap, because otherwise the night long will not be able to sleep.

You can not cram before bedtime.

Note! The last meal should be eaten at least three hours before bedtime.

It should be light and not too abundant to our stomach does not have to work hard.

Peaceful sleep fish, poultry, warm milk with a teaspoon of honey, a piece of dark chocolate, banana, because they contain tryptophan - an amino acid that helps you fall asleep.

Where does the lack of sleep?

You can not drink coffee and tea in the evening, because they contained caffeine has a stimulating effect. It is located also in the coca-cola and some energy drinks.

Note! Before going to sleep you can not drink alcohol too, because although us relaxes and makes it easier to fall asleep, but sleep after it is ineffective - plates and intermittent and do not bring us rest.

Take a walk.

Even when it's cold outside or raining. Walk well done, oxygenate the body, chill out and quietly prepare for sleep.

Note! It must be a walk, not any brisk walking, because unnecessarily arouses intense exercise.

Well done relaxing bath. Top with the addition of essential oils of geranium, lemon balm or lavender. She gone for us relaxing, lower blood pressure, but also reduce muscle tension and soothe nerves.

Note! When sleep disturbances give us a misery, it must then seek the help of a doctor.

Insomnia and mental - sleep up to seven hours, but wake up tired. You can not sleep, because our sleep is shallow.

Sleep apnea syndrome - during sleep occur brief pauses in breathing. Symptom is snoring. Effect? Wake up sleepy.

Sleepwalking - during sleep get up out of bed, walk, do different things, and in the morning do not remember.

Night eating - we wake up several times a night with a strong feeling of hunger. Do not fall asleep until something does not eat.

Test for healthy sleep

1 Do you always wakes you up in the morning alarm clock?

Yes No

2 Do you sleep longer on the weekends?

Yes No

3 Do you fall asleep almost immediately after putting to bed?

Yes No

4 Do you often during the day you need to take a nap?

Yes No

5 Have you recently feel psychological tired / on?

Yes No

If at least three asked the answer is "Yes", it means that you do not sleep long enough or your sleep is deficient.

If you sleep more on weekends, it means that your body is trying to compensate for lack of sleep. Similarly, when the sleep during the day.


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